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Mr. Robot & Monster Cereals!

Not sure how many of you are big fans of the Mr. Robot TV series like I am, but even if you don't follow the show, I just wrote an article about something special the creators just released that any 80s horror fan will surely appreciate:

Mr. Robot presents The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie! A retro 80s throwback slasher on VHS!

In my latest article, I break down everything they did right with The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie - from making a faux VHS tape, to crafting perfectly wretched characters who you can't wait to see die in the film. Click above to read the article for yourself, then watch the 8+ minute throwback slasher that will have you cheering for a new horror hero named Uncle Conrad. They seriously did everything right with this one, and I think you'll agree with me once you check it out. Also, big thanks to all of you who spread the word about my recent Meals of Horror piece for Dread Central. I really appreciate the support, and it's certainly helping me get in the mood for our annual "Two Months of Halloween" 2016 season here on I-Mockery!

And speaking of Halloween...

General Mills Monsters Cereal Election! Vote for Boo Berry!

General Mills has just unveiled the boxes for their 2016 Monster Cereals, and it turns out that Boo Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula are running against each other in a Monsters Cereal Election! If you know anything about this site, I'm sure you already know who I cast my vote for. I'm With Boo! Make sure you cast your vote, because I'm pretty sure there aren't any other elections going on this year that matter nearly as much as this one. I'll be sure to post more details and my thoughts on the 2016 cereals when I get my hands on them, but until then... Feel the BOOrn!

Boo for You! Vote for Boo Berry in the General Mills Monsters Cereal Election!



ColdFusion (Guest) on 08/02/2016 3:06 pm

Politics? In my cereal? First you weren't allowed to have sugar in the name anymore, then you had to cut half the sugar if you wanted to keep your mascot..
Well the ol' monsters might be looking a little weird on these boxes, but Ima go ahead and vote for Boo Berry anyway. Maybe we can make breakfast sweet again.


Cpt. Sunshine (Guest) on 08/02/2016 6:05 pm

Mr. Robot? I mean it's not a bad show, but I would've been expecting you to be gushing over Stranger Things.

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/03/2016 1:34 pm

ColdFusion - It's weird seeing them in a campaign, but given how the election is dominating the news, I totally see why they'd want to tie it in with their monsters. That said, is anybody surprised that Count Chocula is winning by such a huge margin? We always knew that cereal was the biggest seller of the three.

Cpt. Sunshine - Mr. Robot is fantastic, and this was a particularly great homage to 80s horror slashers. As for Stranger Things, I've gushed about it on social media and to basically everybody I know. I absolutely love it, and binge-watched all the episodes almost immediately. That said, there are a bajillion think-pieces out there about it already, so I'd rather give Mr. Robot's horror spin-off some good coverage. I'm sure I'll write something about Stranger Things eventually though; it's too good not to. Who knows... maybe I'll cover it on I-Mockery for our upcoming "Two Months of Halloween" season.


Tony (Guest) on 08/11/2016 1:35 am

I vote Count Chocula. I swear I had a joke about Boo, walls, immigration, etc. Anyway, I don't watch Mr. Robot but I might now. Unfortunately I can't get the video to play but I'll find a way as it's right up my alley. I love homages to shitty, old horror movies.

Can't wait for fall and the upcoming Halloweeny stuff that goes with it as well as not having to sweat my balls off anymore.


Choco (Guest) on 08/11/2016 1:56 am

I love how it has the red label in the corner from Hollywood Video's VHS days.

Also, naturally I vote Chocula.

User avatar

eL GUAPO on 08/12/2016 12:45 am

I am grateful for any of the monster cereals appearing in stores but Count Chocula has always been the one to make me serve myself multiple bowls in a row and then finish it off by chugging that chocolate infused milk...(ahh im drooling already) Unfortunately as a true monster cereal connoisseur knows the recipe has changed since way back in the day and none of them are as pure as they once were!

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