Title: Simpsons, The (3rd Review)
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: frozenfushion

Synopsis: The story starts out with Waylon Smithers running out of a shop; he bumps into Maggie Simpson, who is (as always) sucking her pacifier. Smithers has a diamond in his hand, and it falls into Maggie’s mouth. Smithers smiles an evil smile and runs off with Maggie, while the rest of the Simpsons are shocked. Now the game begins…
The controls are very simple…you have a joystick for moving and two buttons: one for jumping and one for your attacks. Marge users a vacuum cleaner, Homer swings his fists, Bart uses his skateboard, and Lisa uses a jump rope. But that’s not all there is in the game…there are also mini-combos…all individuals have their own second attack move (ex.: Bart will spin his skateboard)…and you can have two people at once using a double-team for a period of about fifteen seconds. Homer and Marge hold on to each other and spin in a circle (like a donut…mmmmmmm…donut…), Bart and Lisa hold hands together and run (like a double clothesline), Homer puts Bart/Lisa on his shoulder and Bart/Lisa and Homer attack both at the same time; Bart/Lisa w/ the skateboard/jump rope and Homer w/ a fist, and Marge also puts Bart/Lisa on her shoulder and Marge will throw Bart/Lisa across the screen and they will come back. There are mini-power-ups you receive in the game. If you hit a tree, you will receive either fruit or a nut (I think it’s a nut). Sherri, Terri, or Milhouse will walk by the screen and will give you you a burger, which is the best power-up. There is also a pie power-up near Mr. Marvin Monroe There are also weapons you can get in the game: a slingshot, a mailbox, a flower pot, a bowling ball, a rock, a drink, Snowball (the cat; I’m not sure which one; the black one; probably The Simpson’s first cat because this game was made in 1991, not too long before the television show came out) Also, the game is very fast, like Street Fighter, which makes The Simpsons Arcade even better.


The graphics are very good for a 1991 arcade game. The graphics are very colorful, unlike most arcade games. Even its PC version does not have graphics that are colorful as the arcade version. The characters are thoroughly detailed from head to toe. There is even an intro to the game! It is just like the TV’s long intro, except there is a little bio about each character (in the order they appear in the intro: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie). What else can I say about the graphics? They rule!

The sound is very good for a game that was made in 1991. The music is not bad, and the same goes for the sound effects. There are actual sound effects in the game. Ex.: Bart: “Who the hell’re you?”, Marge: “Play safe now!” The game also has the Simpsons theme, which sounds pretty good. Overall, the sound’s great for an arcade game.


Overall, The Simpsons Arcade is a really great game. If you want to beat the game, I would definitely recommend you play with three other friends, since the game is very challenging, especially the last stage (8). This is a great game, but once you beat it, it will get a little boring. Still, the replay value is pretty good…

Replay Value

That’s my opinion. So go play the arcade game now! Now!…

…if you’re not sure where you can find the Simpsons Arcade, I would recommend you go to Google.com and search.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8


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