Title: Pole Position
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: Now this is one classic definitely worth mentioning to those not accustomed to older games. Plus, it is easy for anyone to play regardless of age. If you like Ridge Racer, then this is the game that had the most influence over it, therefore you have Pole Position to thank. It's a damn shame that its sequel didn't become as popular as this one even if I haven't played it myself.

Game Play: It was a completely new take on racing games. No longer do you have to be restrained to an overhead view that was hard to see. Instead, it had a behind the back perspective that would heavily influence other games of this style such as Rad Racer. The only problem: There's only one track whereas Pole Position 2 had Four tracks.

Graphics: They were drawn perfectly and well animated. Plus, the Third-Person perspective added a neat 3D feel unheard of at that time.

Music & Sound: Very Little I can tell you that.

Originality: It a lot of things many of the games on the lesser consoles at that time didn't have: It was fresh and new in more ways than one.

If you plan on having a few arcade cabinets in your house, then this is one game you should have as well as Pole Position 2.

Best Cheats: Are You Nuts!?

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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