Title: Tapper
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: Devin Currie

Synopsis: Ahh lets look back at the 80's once again. Back when even beer makers like Budweiser could make decent video games. And they did ... or at least good ol' Bud did. Arcades were hip and fun and lets face it, everyone wanted to cash in on it. And they did. Budweiser made a little-known game called TAPPER.

And tap you did as you took the role as a bartender who tended multiple bars ... God knows why. Anyway, so you play the game as a bartender who looks like mario ... but taller ... so it cant be him. You have to serve beers (Buds of course) to your many customers. But HOLD ON ONE MINUTE. YOU CANT SERVE TO MANY BEERS OR ELSE THE MUG WILL GO TO FAR AND WILL SHATTER ON THE FLOOR. Now we all know it is an unforgivable sin to waste any Bud so you lose a life. I remember in the 80's when if a bartender even wasted one drop of beer he was shackled to the keq and being constantly raped by the drunk customers. And guess what? If you serve it up well enough then the gracious (and drunk) customers (lightweights) will leave tips in GOLD TENDER .... HOLY CRAP. Any way when you pick up the tip, you obviously make enough money to hire some secksay dancers who dance for your rich self. Way to go Mario ... I mean ... Tapper.

Well doesn't that just sound easy enough. Well it isn't. Because you have to tend 4, sometimes 8 bars at a time. Amazing workout for a slightly obese plumber ... BARTENDER ... I MEANT BARTENDER. This game is extremely hard but hey ... Its also extremely fun. But that isn't all, there is also a fun little mini game where the Hamburglar makes an appearance. But now the hamburglar is drunk ... and we all know that when the hamburglar gets drunk, he gets evil. He shakes up all them beers and you have to find the one that isnt shook up. But if you choose wrong then you get sprayed fool ... oooooh what now?

The levels are what makes the game fun. The first level is a cowboy bar where you serve ... you guessed it ... cowboys. The second, well its like outside and well, thereare a bunch of sportsfans and so ... well, you gotta get'em drunk for the game, or of course they will kill you like an Ohio state fan would kill someone from Michigan, or visa-versa, you choose. The third level ... well ... your in some Goth club and we all know that goths will kill all they see when not drunk ... they are like cannibals. Finally the Tapper becomes a hero as he rescues Earth by getting a bunch of aliens drunk so they forget to blow up our planet ... good show Tapper .. Good show.

Best Cheats: Dude ... Dont cheat beer.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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