Title: E-SWAT - Cyber Police
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: Dietrich

Synopsis: I spent a lot of at the arcade as a kid. I played everything: Galaxy Force 2, The Simpsons, The TMNT games and Hydra, to name a few of my favorites. One always stands out in my mind, however, as the game that ate my quarters more than any other.

ESWAT Cyber Police. When this first came out in 1989, I was one of the first to play it at my local arcade.

The game is of the side-scrolling action genre. As the name implies, you are a cop, fitted with cybernetic attachments. You must battle through levels of criminals, blasting away at anything that moves. The twist, however, was that you could collect armor power-ups, and eventually turn into a walking tank. Conversely, though, as you took damage, you'd lose parts of your armor. Not the most innovative game, but it was damned fun.

The graphics were not the best out there at the time, but they didn't hinder the game, and were good enough.

The sound was good. Pretty standard, however, and nothing mind-blowing.

Gameplay was great. For a side-scrolling fighting game, it hooked me in. The armor upgrade angle was also very cool.

It was somewhat original. It had the whole RoboCop vibe going, but was different enough that I didn't mind. It also came on the heels of other police-themed beat-em-ups, like NARC.

Overall, this was a fun game. I whiled away many an hour to beat this game (I was only 7 or 8 at the time). I'd recommend it to anyone who could find it.

Best Cheats: None.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 8

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