Title: Arkanoid
Rom Player: mame
Reviewer: eep!

Synopsis: When I was five, my father and I would go to this cigar shop near our crappy apartment in uptown Manhattan to play their arcade machines. The year was 1986 and they had a brand new machine, Arkanoid. My father said he played it a few times before me when he wanted to score rolling pa....uhm er, potato chips and bee...uhm eh, soda.

Its joy stick was one I had never seen before; actually it wasn’t even a joystick. It seemed to resemble a shower facet dial. My father explained that it was like a knob that moved the character from side to side. I had not a clue what he was talking about. As he placed a milk crate under me, I stood face to face to the original puzzle game that other programmers would duplicate and call their own for the next eighteen years...(pretend a thousand people are saying this in song filled unison) ARKANOID!!!!

This was the game of '86! I would waste valuable college money on this game trying to beat the top score. Nothing could compare to that paddle that made the white dot bounce and destroy the colored bricks. NOTHING! (Besides the Kung Fu machine next to it). As you destroyed the bricks, pills would drop and you would become what ever it was labeled. The best one is laser pill, the red one. I felt like such a cheater when I received this, since the paddle became a starship shooter mc-thingy, blowing up every brick that would stand in its way.

I can't say too much about this game, other than the fact that this is the original destroy brick game and I hated it as a kid because I had to stand on a milk crate. Other than those reasons I give it a two!

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 2
Overall Rating: 2

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