Title: Dragon Spirit
Rom Player: Mame
Reviewer: Steven Ray

Synopsis: You play a brave warrior called Amur who has to turn into a blue dragon to rescue Princess Alica from the serpent-demon Zawel. Zawel has also instructed eight monsters to stop you at all costs. Released in 1987, this took vertical blasters to new heights with great looks, sounds and gameplay. When your dragon collected power-ups, he would grow a second or third head, shoot convincing fire balls, and could even drop bombs on ground targets, which made for challenging gameplay. The stages would have great special effects such as fireballs that try to smash Amur on the volcano level, the moving cavern walls on the cave level, ice-valley blockades shattering, and even water effects on level eight. The bosses and music are when the game comes into its own though, a plesiosour, phoenix and ice-dragon are just some of the bosses to contend with, the best being a dramatic fight with a three-headed hydra that guards Zawel himself. The music is also brilliant with some tunes that will grow on you the more times you play it, the best being the music for the Hydra. This can be a tough game at times, but it is a game that you will always come back to, if only to beat your last best score and to experience the 'Hydra-bit' again and again!!! Great for those who love the old Ray Harry Hausen films and saving princesses from being sacrificed...oh, and did I mention the bit with the Hydra?

Best Cheats: If your using MAME, a cheat file will most probably have it. If not my e-mail is STEVENRAY@fsmail.net I've completed it with one credit so I can take you through the NAMCO Muesem PSX version and I want to set up a site dedicated to this awesome game and its sequel - DRAGON SABER!!!

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 9


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