Title: Burger Time
Rom Player: mame
Reviewer: test tube

Synopsis: You are a chef with a pepper shaker. You are trapped on a 5 to 7 story tall scaffold with on each level there is a gigantic piece of hamburger. Like say at the top there is always the top bun, next level there's a piece of cheese, next a piece of meat and so on. Your goal in the game is walk over each piece and make it drop to the next level until they have all hit the ground floor forming giant hamburgers. Sounds pretty simple eh?

Well no, its not. There are hot weenies and fried eggs trying to kill you. Itís a deadly game of cat and mouse between man and hunks of dead animal tissues to construct giant hamburgers. Or are the hamburgers regular sized and you are just a tiny chef, then what about the weenies and eggs trying to kill you? Are they micro sized as well? Does that mean thats a fried hummingbird egg trying to strangle you? Or are they big hamburgers for giants and they have forced you make burgers for them or they will eat you, then why are the weenies the size of regular human's then? And what kind of system of preparing a hamburger is this? Are the levels hot skillets? Probably not then the cheese would melt and the buns would be burnt. Is this hell? Are you being subjected to torture, were you a bad cook when you were living?

I guess questions like these weren't meant to be asked, this is an 1982 arcade game here. Its still very fun despite the idea being utterly retarded, but then again its more original than all 5000 new games coming out now that deal with cops fighting evil bio creatures all with a grand finale in some industrial zone.

The graphics are simple and more disturbing than cute, mainly because no effort was made to make anything cute. The music is demented in a psychotic circus clown merry go round type way giving the thing a more hellish feel despite its just a bunch of squeaks and beeps. The control is a little shitty, your chef is fucking slower than shit and the killer weenies are fucking jogging all over the place.

Another bad thing is other than level two you will probably never see the other levels in this game. Its not hard, its fucking impossible. You are given a weapon, a shaker of pepper than makes the killer weenies start writhing around in pain but its only temporary. You can kill your enemies by crushing them under pieces of falling hamburger but the chance they will stay there long enough before running to the nearest ladder is mostly zilch, but it does happen a bit. Which doesn't mean shit cause as soon as one is dead another comes out. Their pursuit is endless; they never let up and are always one step behind you. Goddamn the ghosts in Pacman gave you fucking break most of the time. Another shitty note is you only get 5 shots of pepper and when they are gone thatís it for the entire game. Shit you need about 20 to get through level one.

This game was made to eat your quarters but people were probably too pissed off to continue playing. I somehow made it to level three and never got 1 inch from my starting point, calling the way the level is set and up and where is the enemies are positioned unfair is fucking FI UNDERSTATEMENTO. It is fucking impossible. No human on planet earth can get anywhere on that level.

This game would have been great if it weren't so goddamn bent on making sure you lose. Still I always play the shit out of it even though I know there is no chance I'll ever see level 4, I've been playing this fucking game for 14 years.

Best Cheats: ?? none i guess. The NES version of this game is way easier and still as much fun.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7

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