Title: Rip Off
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: Years ago, I played the Rip Off arcade game. I recently ordered this game for the Vectrex. This game was a shooter, but was different. Instead of giving you three ships per game, it gave infinite ships.
In the center of the screen were sixteen rocks. Ships would come and shoot at you and steal your rocks. Your goal was to shoot the ships before they stole your rocks. When all sixteen rocks got stolen, the game was over.
If a player had trouble shooting the ships, all they had to do was crash into them. As I mentioned above, it gave infinite lives.
This game was like Asteroids. It was black and white, but I sincerely doubt that it shared the same success as Asteroids did.
This game was fun, but was nothing special. I give it a 5.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 5

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