Title: CarnEvil
Rom Player: MAME (eventually)
Reviewer: DevilBuster

Synopsis: This...has GOT to be the Most Disturbing Game. Ever. It takes place in a Graveyard somewhere in Iowa. You are at the Graveyard with who I assume to be your girlfriend. Gee, that's a great place to go on a date. Anyway, you come across this odd grave of this guy called Tokentaker. How the fuck did he end up with a name like that? As you ponder this, you see a coin with the words "CarnEvil" etched into it at the foot of the grave. Then you notice that there is a slot in the grave to put the coin in. Being the genius you are, you plunk the coin in. Then all hell breaks loose. The head on the grave, which looks like a clown skull, comes to life and flies away. Then all these carnival elements pop up from nowhere, and then the guy, Tokentaker, rises from the grave. So it's up to you (and Player two) to put Tokentaker back where he belongs and save your girlfriend.

Man, this game gives "Tourist Trap" a whole new meaning.

You run around, shooting the undead carnival people with a shotgun you snagged from a shooting gallery. Where you get all the ammo, we'll never know. You go around levels like Rickety Town (Don't ask), The Freak Show, and of course, The Haunted House. The Mini-Bosses are guys like a two-headed Cyclops Knight called Eyeclops, a hick with a chain gun called Hambone, and the last mini- boss is some dude whose name I forgot. The bosses are a Giant baby called Junior, a Blue Santa Clause with huge claws(Get it?) called Klaws Kringle, or something, and Marie Antonette, who gets impaled on a grave after you smite her. Afterwards, you head on to the main event: the big top, where you go up against the jackass who made this hellhole, Tokentaker, on his airship. After you wax his flying clown skull, he attempts to bust a cap on your ass with a blunderbuss and tries to fry you alive with fire works. And you have to kill all the zombies without shooting your girlfriend. After you kill Tokentaker, his airship ignites, and you and your girlfriend fall to the ground. When you wake up, it's morning, and everything is back to normal. Thankfully, you and your girlfriend are unharmed, if you don't count all the injuries and mental scarring you sustained from this psycho game. You look at Tokentaker's grave, and you see that he died in 1880, or something. You then notice that the token is at the foot of the grave again. Despite the pleas of your girlfriend, you put the token into the slot again, like the total shithead you are. And the whole thing starts up again.

If you ignore the fact that this is one screwed-up game, it's kinda fun to splatter all those zombies. One more thing: this game is definitely NOT for children! I saw this game in 7th grade, and it warped my mind. DAMN YOU, MIDWAY!!!

Best Cheats: The best cheat of all is to avoid this game, preferably if you are under 16.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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