Title: Windjammers
Author:Data East
Rom Player: NeoRageX
Reviewer: Bardas

Synopsis: Back then when I was in Junior High (should be... dunno the right term for it. School system is a tad different in Austria) I had to travel by train every day. So when I went to the train station. There was a little shop in this station and within this shop there was a neat little NeoGeo machine, which swallowed all my lunch money for at least 3 years (yup, they had the thing that long).
The concept of Windjammers is really simple. It's some sort of upgrade from Pong transferred to some sort of strange fantasy sport thingy where two guys stand in a mix of soccer field and tennis field and throw a Frisbee around.
You're about to choose from 6 different guys and lads in three categories... from weak and fast through average to very damn strong but oooh so slow (these where for the experts you guess). So after you made your choice (Id go for the standard guys if you're new) you and your humble opponent are thrown to one of the six arenas. Each different form the other. There are two score fields in the goals behind you. The 3-point and the 5-point fields. Their shape differ from arena to arena. One hast two small 3 pointers on the side but one biiiiiiig 5 pointer in the middle, the other... you can imagine the rest. Some arenas have some sort of bumpers in the middle which ad a sinister drive to the disc.
So now you stand there, get your Frisbee and throw it to your opponent. This one blocks, alas smashes the thing in the air while standing below it doing some flexing to charge. And then he strikes some badass supershot to ya. Each character has 3 of these. One is the personal. Some have easy ones to block, others have very tough ones. The other two are the same with every fighter. One sort of high throw and a circle throw. The last one ain't easy to pull of but in the arenas with the bumpers in the middle they are very effective.
So you throw and throw. Get goals, make scores. It's very very simple in gameplay but it's also very addictive. I myself never made it past the fifth fighter cuz they get very hard after round three (took me a whole year to get that far). It's a coin-eater par excellence especially if you have a friend at hand. Two player mode is even more fun than one player mode.
The visuals are pretty much ok, the sound too. Not that special but not bad either.
My suggestion is to grab an emulator and that rom. It will amuse you for hours. If you are lucky to find a machine sitting in an old store or restaurant in the corner and collecting dust, then have the mercy, pull out a quarter and bring it back to life. It's very worth your money.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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