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Title: Alien Soldier
Rom Player: KGEN
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Alright, a game with both aliens and explosions! The rundown here is that on a planet called “A-Earth,” a terrorist group named Scarlet, which is composed of weird genetically engineered things, is stopping the human race from getting to the rest of the universe, so the humans decide to assassinate the leader of Scarlet, Epsilon-Eagle. They sort of do by wounding him and trapping him in the time space continuum, and in his place, another weirdo named Xi-Tiger takes over. This is bad, however, because he is even worse. Anyway, he learns that scientists are trying to get Epsilon-Eagle back by having him liberated from the time space continuum and then taking over the body of one of the super powered children in their research facility. So, Xi-Tiger attacks the facility and kills a girl in order to lure out Epsilon Eagle. He does, but escapes in time to avoid getting royally spanked by him. Now, he has set out to extract revenge on Xi-Tiger and, more than likely, take back his role as the leader of Scarlet. Confused yet? You control Epsilon-Eagle, who is, as you may or may not have guessed, a human/eagle hybrid. I could have sworn it was a chicken, but the designers thought otherwise. Bear with me, here, because this is a good game. The game is composed of 25 stages, each stage consisting of about a minute of running and blowing up wimpy freaks, followed by a tricky boss battle. Fortunately, You get to choose four of six weapons to start with, as well as being able to change them during a stage. The six weapons are your basic sidscrolling weapons, but are called “forces” because you shoot them out of your hand: the buster force (machine gun), flame force (flamethrower), sword force (laser), ranger force (spread), homing force (homing missiles), and lancer force (bigger, slower laser). The problem is that using a force will wear down the charge it has, so you have to switch to a different one while the drained one recharges. You can also hover and teleport, both of which are essential during the boss battles. The enemies, as mentioned, are fairly feeble, and toss out little diamonds that give you life. If you get above you maximum life, you can spend the extra points doing a fiery teleport maneuver that really kills things nicely. The sound effects are decent, with some guy doing the in-game voice of you as you get things, are injured, and die. The music is also good, but is generally drowned out by all the explosions. In summary, chicken is good. Games where chicken men blow things up are good.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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