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Title: Last Battle
Rom Player: KGEN
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: It’s martial arts madness for the Genesis! Now, I don’t want to ruin the story for you, but the good people at Sega do, as the ENTIRE story (from beginning to end) is displayed right after the Sega logo. Well, just so that you know what’s going on, there was a huge war and some big villain took control of things and made everybody into slaves. Now, Max, Alyssa, and you, Aarzak, have banded together to go whup ass. Your two companions don’t seem to do much for the story, though, except die and get captured. You are the man, however because you have mastered “the secret martial art of Jet-Kwon-Do.” To make things even more ridiculous, your first big enemy, the Duke (Note: it is not John Wayne) is a master of “Tae-Kung-Fu.” What they don’t realize is that I am a master of Kung-Pow-Tae-Bo-Ju-Yung-Fu, the most powerful of all made-up martial arts. Now that that’s out of my system, you walk through each scene beating up enemy soldiers, and then go to a big map to decide which location to move to next. Some locations are battles with a single, powerful, and often freaky looking, opponent. The other type of scene involves you walking around in a fortress, trying to either get to the bottom or the top by maneuvering around obstacles and avoiding things like falling knives and flame jets. At the end of each regular scene, you have a very brief discussion with someone who has something that has to do with the plot, or a talk with people who say inconsequential things like “I want to be a hero.” Now here’s the best part: you. You’re this guy in black pants, boots, and a vest. When you punch an enemy soldier, they fly right off the screen, and when you kick one, they are sent into low orbit. After creaming enough soldiers, a bar that measures “power” will fill to a mark. When this happens, your vest will explode, leaving you shirtless, but a real badass. Whenever he punches after that, he unleashes an incredible six punches in exactly one second (I had to pause repeatedly to see it, but there are six). On top of that, his regular high kick is changed into three low-to-high kicks. Getting life in the game is difficult, as it is only given to you after you defeat a boss character or a fortress scene. Also, don’t be fooled, some of the boss scenes are very difficult because you are called upon to either jump over or duck under everything because there’s no blocking. The sound effects are just bizarre, with enemies making minor “ugh” sounds before rocketing off the screen, and the weird noise you make whenever you kick. The music is about the same, as the songs are short and are fairly repetitive. In the end, the game is ok, but not a martial arts masterpiece

Best Cheats: Continue - When "Legend of the Final Hero" appears, hold A + B + C, then press Start. Press Up or Down to select the chapter you wish to start from, then press Start to begin play. This only allows you to select a chapter up to the highest chapter you last played, so in effect it's a continue.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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