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Title: TMNT III: The Manhattan Project (3rd Review)
Rom Player: NESten
Reviewer: Matt M. Koopa

Synopsis: We all make mistakes, sometimes big, sometimes small, and sometimes so stupid that you have to put a gun to your head and kill yourself. But the people who make more mistakes then anyone is Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. They feed us slop that everyone has the balls to call "best game ever!11!".

But when they have a good game in the works, boy do they ever! For every Super Mario Sunshine we have a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! For every Star Fox Adventures we have a Donkey Kong 64! Each hyped game has a big sigh on it saying "HYPED PIECE OF CRAP!!!". But not TMNT 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always got it right, even though people still think they suck. While I still think the new Turtles games need a few improvements (FUCK YOU SONY AND YOUR PS2 FOR GETTING RID OF 4 TURTLE MODE!! >:( ) ..em.. I still wise games like this were didn't suck. But anyway, I'll make my review special, because !. I already reviewed this and 2. It's the best game I ever played!

Rule #1: When you are about to fight a guy in metal, beat the crap out of his friends too!

The gameplay in TMNT 3 is just plain fun. You get a choice of the Four Turtles, but since Raph is the only Turtle I like, I won't bother to mention the other ones. After you pick your turtle, you start the game duh!

After a cut scene, you start your first level, the beach. Each level has Foot ninjas everywhere, they like to surprise you by jumping out of doors, windows, cars, sand (yup, they do that too!) and they can pop out of signs, out of water (well, in one stage anyway), below a beach deck out of flying ships and hangers.

But your moves can kick their ass all the way to Mars, A button will make you jump, B button is a simple attack with your weapon (Raph uses small-like swords) and the D-Pad makes you make in 8-directions. Yup, you heard me, your turtle (or turtles; this game has a 2-Player mode) can move across the floor anywhere they want. The freedom of movement is good, because you are always moving to avoid hazards and enemies.

Foot Bashing can also be a problem for most people. While B can get you some big points, it's kinda weak in a sense of fighting, but by pressing B was holding down you can do a shoulder throw, it lifts up the baddie hurls him, but it won't work on some Foot idiots.

Now the Stages, I told you about the beach, but here is list of all the stages:

Sea surfing on Turtle Surfboards
Shredder's battle sub
Manhattan Bridge
Uptown New York
Atop a building
Krang's Space ship

Each level has it's own fun and games, but my favorite level is Uptown New York! Also your favorite characters like Bebop and Dirt Bag make a spot in some places, and many others do too!


Rule #2: A guy wearing a purple suit is gay. I think.

The Graphics are NEStastic (I know, stupid word). The Beach looks like...a beach, and New York and the Technodome look just like the cartoon.

But the characters are just way cool! The four Turtles have their own colors and such, but if you wait for a few minutes, they do their own little poses. COOL!

The Foot and their friend all look like their T.V. show counterparts as well. The Foot come in many different colors, each with a different way of attacking, Stone Warriors look like fags to be frank, they hold machine guns yet they can't fire right, losers. Krang's robots and such like stupid but are deadly and the Bosses are well done as well. Great job, Konami!


Rule #3: Bowling Balls make a *dink* *dink* noise.

Sound is not as good, which is shocking. Because Konami makes they best music for their games and such. While some are catchy, some lack zazz.

Sound effects aren't much, just simple boops and ploops. But the real sound voices are a nice touch.


Rule #4: Rescue the chick if she's hot.

Well the turtles are taking a break from all the crap that happened in the last games, but Shredder kidnaps April (what else is new) and lifts Manhattan Island into the sky for no reason. So Turtles go to save April and New York because they have nothing better to do.


Rule #5 Getting sick of these rules?

Well, this game is great in my eyes! Hopefully the new Turtles game coming out for Gamecube is as good as this.

OVERALL: 10!!!

Heads or Tails:
If Heads, I'll fuck myself with a Pam Anderson poster.

Best Cheats: Nope, I'm not the cheatin' kind. But if you are, go to gamefaq.com.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 10

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