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Title: Kirby Superstar DX
Rom Player: Zsnes

Synopsis: I'm reviewing all games separately except for the Graphics and Music

-Beautiful the backgrounds are beautiful. Sprites are great. every little detail is awesome. It ranks up there with Donkey Kong country and SMRPG

-Best Music for SNES EVER. Colorful. Beautiful. Great composers, whoever composed it. There is Even a Sound Test which is my favorite Part.

Now to the games.

Spring Breeze:
This is your basic Kirby formula. Six Levels. Beat King Deedee at the end. All the most popular and original bosses and enemies. It's not very original, but its still is fun if you like Kirby.

Dyna Blade:
Okay in this game you fight a giant final Bird Boss. BUT you can revisit levels and it is more difficult then Spring Breeze. It also has shorter levels which is a minus. BUT there are secret levels which are pretty cool. You can get all the different abilities in the hidden levels. You can also run into mini bosses on the map. More original then Spring Breeze but lacks the color and fun of it.

The Great Cave Offensive:
The most original of all the games on the cartridge.
This game is like one GIANT level that you collect valuable treasures like the triforce in. You can go back and forth between sectors which awesome when hunting for the 60 rare treasures. In the cave there are levels like a castle and a burning cave.
You can still get abilities despite how huge the game is. You end the game the begging which makes it feel kinda like a waste of time.

Revenge of Meta Knight:
This is the LONGEST of all the Kirby games. You fight a ton of bosses. You end the game by fighting meta knight.
You fight cannons and reactors. Most of the game takes place on the halberd, Meta Knights ship. The environment is very industrial and there are very numerous enemies and very few abilities. Itís more original but less fun then any of them and its very irritating.

Milky Way Wish:
The BEST Kirby game. You travel from planet to planet gathering permanent YES permanent abilities. That is what makes this game awesome. It is the most difficult game out of all of them but it is the most fun and colorful with a side scrolling shooter mode which is awesome.

Mini Games:

Food Race:
Race King Deedee for food boring but colorful.

Samurai Kirby:
A button mashing game that requires timing boring.

Chuku no SmackDownsa:
I got the early version but this game was in Japanese. Its quite boring all you smash a pedestal.

Boss Mode. Thatís all you do fight bosses.

(Because of originality)

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9


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