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Title: Blue's Journey
Author:Alpha Denshi
Rom Player: NeoRAGEx
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Oh, the dangers of designing a game under the influence of LSD. From what I can surmount, you are some sort of weird pixie knight of some sort sent on a quest to stop a crazed king who is trying to pollute your world, which has been named “Raguy.” I… I just don’t know; this game is like something you’d expect to find on the Disney Channel. Aside from the evil king doing who knows what, there is apparently some princess as well. She does very little, aside from asking you to continue when you die and acting helpless. Thus, you have to set out from your little pixie-people village and get medieval on all the mutants and otherworldly creatures on the planet. To make things even better, you get to use your favorite weapon: a leaf! Blue just takes his leaf and performs something the game has dubbed the “leaf dump.” I was under the impression that “leaf dump” had something to do with bears taking a crap in the woods, but it is, in actuality, an attack which involves our hero slamming the leaf straight into the ground, knocking whatever is caught underneath into a stupor. He then grabs the dazed freaks and lifts them above his head while spinning them furiously at the same time. His is then ready to hurl them in horizontally or straight up in the air to flatten even more creatures. You also get two other, less outright ridiculous weapons, in the form of an orange bomb and a spinning disc like in The Predator. Well, it is sorta like it, except blue and green in color. Now, these things just flat out kill your enemies, so there’s no juggling left to do. Getting the same weapon will make it more powerful, which is illustrated by an increase in size. For the leaf, this means that it starts sending out stronger gusts of wind when you throw it down. As an added defensive bonus, you can shrink yourself whenever you feel like. This makes you faster and allows you to squeeze into small openings, but you can’t attack and you can only run with your arms stuck at length from your body, making you look like some kind of tiny blue scarecrow. Now, as you travel through this screwed up world, you get all sorts of powerups. The main items you find are flowers, which serve as the currency of the land. Plus, you get silver cocoons (get five and get a bonues life), a honeypot (it refills your life, but leaves you open for several dirty jokes), spike shoes for traction, flippers for swimming, some sort of curly plant that makes you move faster, and an inverted ice cream cone that makes you into this monstrous version of yourself who can trample enemies and look like a goon in the process. To add to the fun, you occasionally find a lucky four-leaf clover that lets you go to a shop and buys the aforementioned items plus a safe to keep them in so you don’t lose them when you die. If you try to buy the storekeeper, she just gets angry with you and kicks you out. You’d think prostitution would be a big business on a planet covered with mutants. You also get the opportunity to waltz into houses containing people who try to help you in various ways, some of which involve you paying them. Most, if not all of them however, have at least one line that was not translated properly, the very first of which is “foget that.” On a related note, when you beat a boss, you get to take place in a “lottery drewing.” Ugh. Now, like I was saying, the enemies are weird, indescribable mutants that look like children’s toys and crossbred animals. The bosses are even worse, some of them even having the gall to let some digitized remark loose on you before beginning their assault. The sound is squeaky noises and a weird shout when you shrink, but nothing much of great importance. The music is horrible, perky, and electronic. The game is decent, but you may find yourself confused by the concept, the graphics, the music, the characters, etc.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7


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