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Title: Last Action Hero, The
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: Arnold Schrwnegger has an acting block. He gets bored of making kick ass movies and decides to try something new. He says "Lets make my worst movie ever" and when it comes to his worst movie ever, "The last action hero" takes the cake. Maybe a little too well. (just in case you didnít figure it out, this is a game based on a movie.)Its about a cop stopping crime, or something like that. I didnít watch it too much because i thought it was just that terrible.

Now, I donít have a clue who made this game, but apparently the makers wanted "The last action hero"'s suckiness record set for all eternity by making the worst game for genesis ever. They did.

Arnold may be one of the best actors ever, but as a video game character, "The last action hero" falls into 90% of the ahnold games that sucked really bad and hard. Seriously, the only good game that he was ever in was T2 judgment day the arcade game. And when u think about it, you see it in Ahnold's point of view, so technically heís not in it (I havenít played the whole game, but I've heard you canít see Ďem.) But we will review T2 arcade for another day. So lets get back to "the last action hero" and continue, kids.

When i first played this game, My older brother, and my two cousins were over at my house and we rented it (we used to rent games like crazy when we were little.)And for some reason we rented "the last action hero". Now, first off, what makes this game super shitty is two things. First off, most games that are based on movies suck and vise versa, and 2, ahnold's in it and heís a piss poor video game character. But thatís telling half the story.

The first level basically is ahnold on the streets at night. He doesnít even look like a built up cop. If I remember correctly, he looked like a puny Mexican that had a brown coat on. What you have to do is jump over cars (mostly police cars) and kill punks and such, (isnít it funny how gangsters are surrounded by cops, but no one is around to arrest them?) and get to the top of some building to kill some guy for some reason. Sounds like a fun game, eh?

The second level is a car chase in which you have to dodge objects on the street. Then i turned off the game and played Sonic 2.

The gameplay sucks just as bad. On the first level, Ahnold runs way to slow to be real. He runs like a total pansy as he jumps over cars and such. In fact, it almost looks like slow motion. And the car scene sucked too. The car moves way to fast to dodge the obstacles easily. Those game makers must die. And with swift efficiency too.

The music, how to say, IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. The music repeats the same two or 3 lines over and over and it gets stuck in my head for years.

Overall, this was the stupidest game ever and the game makers must die and their should must be sent to the deepest layer of hell. Iíd give this game all zeros if I could.

Best Cheats: There is no de suck code, but if there is, lets just say this game needs a gameshark excroism.

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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