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Title: Baseball
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: PowerPadMan

Synopsis: BTW, hereís how I grade

0/10- I rarely give this. Thereís usually something good out of everything.
1/10- UGGH. Get away from this at all costs!
2/10- Still sucks
3/10- Getting there. Good for a 1 day rental
4/10- Hey, they tried at least. Mild recommendation would be this
5/10- They try, but its still pretty dull
6/10- Decent. Definitely. Good for a mild recommendation
7/10- An average game. Recommended
8/10- Definitely a good game. Recommended
9/10- GREAT game. The type of game with Super Mario Bros. fanfare
10/10- HIGHLY Recommended. Like Super Mario Bros 3.

Ask people to name a sport, 65% will say Baseball. Nintendo decided to create a baseball game of their own. Thanks to how bad this game was, Nintendo decided not to do a game for other sports just yet.

Gameplay: UHHH! This has got to be the hardest game I've ever had to play on NES and Iíve played Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine! Whenever someone gets a base hit, it takes the players FOREVER to get the damn ball. They hop on one frigging foot and even if the ball is close to them, who ever hit the frigginí ball will of had gone home already. Also, it takes a lot of practice to master the way to steal bases since its IMPOSSIBLE to go back to whatever base you were at instead of RBI Baseball since its real easy in that game. By the way, did I tell you there are no team names? Just letters. 0.5/10

Graphics: Jeez these graphics made Atari's "Adventures of the Kool Aid Man" graphics look good. The players are the only ones that look decent on this game. When you hit a home run, there is NO CROWD at all. Itís just flashing lights. Matt from X-Entertainment.com said it best "They could have at least put a crowd with no faces holding a sign saying Team S is number one". 1/10

Sound: Thereís NO SOUND at all in this frigginí atrocity. Unless you count the opening and Home Run sounds. The ball when pitched makes a mmmm sound and when its hit makes a bloop sound. 1/10

Replay Value: If you have played this more then 10 times in your life...Go to hell. After one game, DONT PLAY THIS AT ALL! 0/10

Does this game work on Game Genie? No and Iím glad.

Is there a 2 player mode? Yes. But Your friend will probably throw the remote down and turn the game off after 1 inning.

Overall: Thereís a reason that this game is in the top 10 worst NES games of all time(Which I WILL do one day). The whole thing is terrible. You donít even need my grade to know how bad the game is. Hereís the grade though. 1/10(Not recommended)

Best Cheats: Cheats?! What cheats?

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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