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Title: First Samurai
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Kemco has much honor. First Samurai presents a story unlike any other, a story of a samurai hunting down a demon. Fine, so it isn’t really original, but it is fun. A long time ago, in Japan in case you were wondering, the Demon King comes down from his “Mountain Realm” to eliminate the First Samurai and his sensei, who is also nameless. First things first, he uses magic to somehow prevent the First Samurai from helping his sensei fight. He then engages F.S.’s sensei and manages to take him out. With the sensei’s dying breath, he summons the powerful floating head known as the Wizard Mage. Using his power of redundancy, he sends the Demon King packing, so that punk decides to haul ass to the future. Meanwhile, the First Samurai is P.O.’d and asks the Wizard Mage to teach him magic so that he can teach the Demon King why it’s not nice to kill old people. Our hero then grabs his master’s magical sword and sets off through time to find and whup the Demon King. The game starts with the magical head doing a long happy dance all over the place before touching down and creating you right next to an equally magical chamber pot. You are nude when he creates you, but he also has a pair of super magical baggy pants for you. You begin briefly separated from your sword, but it quickly finds its way to you. After that, you wind up cutting the crap out of every bug, devil, mutant, and whatever the hell else gets in your way. You also get nifty special weapons like knives, axes, and grenades. In order to complete each stage, you have to find five mystical runes to reveal the location of the boss, which is actually at the end of the level, but they don’t appear unless you have the damn things. You also get some lamps that will let you warp back to the last magic chamber pot you saved at, and magic bells that you use to get past certain obstacles. It basically summons the Wizard Mage to make it rain, make platforms appear, do weird beams effects, etc. Once you lose all your life, rather than die, you exchange all your “force” for life, thus causing you to lose your sword until you get more force by killing enemies with you bare hands and feet. The sound effects for this game are a mixture of the strange and the humorous. Every time you swing your sword, you are treated to a noise that sounds like a warped version of someone saying “oohwaa!” (No, I don’t know what “oohwaa!” means, that’s just what it sounds like.). Punching and using the special weapons is even better because you get a strange grunting noise. Breaking open chests and baskets of food gives you a funny “hallelujah!” Killing enemies will often give you a musical sting. In addition to all that, losing your sword will get you a “oh no, my sword!” with a ridiculously thick Japanese accent, and getting it back gets you just the “my sword” part. The music is pretty good too, but not as amusing as the sounds. Get this game, if not for yourself, then for Mr. Miyagi (No wait, that was karate, never mind).

Best Cheats: Level select - Press Select when the Title Screen appears to switch to the Options screen. Now press and hold L, R, X, A, and any direction on the Control Pad simultaneously. Don't release the buttons until the screen switches to the new stage. The stage you start on depends on the Control Pad direction you hold.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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