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Title: Cybernator
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: In the future, all wars will be fought with robots... Big robots. Your job here is to hop into one and start blowing things up for peace. Basically, there is a big war over who gets the fossil fuels left on earth and who gets territorial rights for the moon. You play the role of Jake, this guy who gets drafted a short time before the war, but completes his training just in time to go off and shoot things. Each area has you jumping about trying to make it to the end with getting yourself killed by the opposing force, nothing complex. The game tries to make it sound like there are specific mission objectives, but your is pretty much the same through every level: Bow up this, destroy that, get to the end of the level and kill that thing, etc. Fortunately, each side of this war has, at the most, two good soldiers and about a billion crappy guys that do little more than get killed by those select few. Anyway, you control a big assault suit for which the game is named. It comes with a few defensive measures as well. To that end, your suit comes with a large piece of sheet metal attached to one arm that you can use to shield yourself from just about anything. Even if they get behind you and shoot you in the back, you are still protected for some reason. Unfortunately, you have to be firmly planted on the ground for you to whip out your shield. You also come with a semi-effective jetpack and a weird dashing maneuver. The dashing can come in handy because you can dash backwards while shooting forwards. Doing so not only allows you to flee in terror while firing back, but also lets you impress your friends by showing them what a firm grasp you have of the game! For weapons, it comes complete with a Vulcan cannon and an unusual punching device. I would have thought that by then, they would have come up with a better alternate weapon than a feeble jab for such a great suit. Regardless, your Vulcan has unlimited ammunition, needing only to be reloaded periodically. Along the way, you will also find some missiles and a laser. The missiles do the most damage, and are thus the only weapon with a finite amount of ammunition. It’s a small assortment of weapons, but you will also find power-ups along the way that will boost the power of your weapons. They appear fairly often, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get at least one of your weapons maxed out. You’ll also come across a few health power-ups here and there, but it would seem that the game designers wanted you to breeze through each level with the aid of only one or two. The levels are generally set up in the typical platform style, but some involve you flying through like in a side-scrolling shooter, and others put you in a zero gravity situation where you have to settle things with guns while flying all over the place trying not to get shot, since on these levels, your shield is utterly worthless. The enemies, as mentioned, are all either robots or guy in robot suits. On occasion, you’ll come across a few infantry members, but they are pretty much screwed because all you need to do is spray the general area with gunfire. The sound effects are pretty good, as far as gunfire and explosions go. The music is just regular old techno beats that sound happy while you race throught the first few levels, but then gets more and more ominous as you go to show that you’re getting closer to the last level. I enjoyed this game. In summation: robots = good, robot + guns = good fun.

Best Cheats: Napalm Gun - Start a game, and on the first stage, go to the boss without shooting any enemies. When you get to the end of the stage, just shoot the boss - do not hit the side guns. When the boss is destroyed, and you start the next mission, cycle through your armaments. There is a new weapon, Napalm.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 7


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