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Title: Ranma : Treasure of the RedCatGang
Author:Rumic Soft
Rom Player: Snes9X
Reviewer: Dark Sakul

Synopsis: This is a great anime based RPGs that never made it over to the US, Like Super Solder Sailor Moon Another Story and Slayers. Ranma : Treasure of the Red Cat Gang is a great RPG.

The Graphics were not the best but is a lot better that Final Fantasy 4 (not trying to dis Final fantasy). The Game is very close to the anime Series, and shows all of the cast members, all of there personalities are clearly illustrated in this game.

You start the game as Akane wakes you up with a splash of cold water. (yes you can change back and forth a lot of the characters in the game)Having a quick duel and heading back to the kitchen for breakfast, Genma gets abducted by a mysterious Gang. Ranma and Akane sets off to rescue Genma.

NOTE: this Game might freeze if your using Zsnes.
I have no problems from using Snes9X.

Best Cheats: This is not more of a cheat , its a tip.
Changeing charaters in ther animal forms (or in the case of Ranma his female form) effects your charaters stats and abilites. Such as Shampoo as a cat can not use all of her Ki abilites, and Gema (Ranma's father) sucks in his Panda form.
I think only Ranma do not have a any drawbacks in his alternate form.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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