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Title: Penguin Monogatari
Rom Player: Almonde
Reviewer: Alex

Synopsis: This is definitely the peak of Konami's awesome. The game is about a penguin with a weight problem. The only thing that said penguin really wants and needs... is love. Love from a very special penguinette.
The game starts with Mr. Monogatari (this game is entirely Japanese, but it just adds to the magic) embarking on an adventure across a world whose map resembles a board game. Now, achieving the love of this special little penguinette- let's name her Barbara- is the current "main squeeze" of the most villainy villain penguin ever... let's name him Corvax, and Corvax does NOT want his little lady stolen away from him by a "loser" penguin who can't keep from feeding his face. For this reason, he sends out his hoards of penguin knights, flying pigs, desert pirates, and falling walri (plural walrus) fully equipped with an infinite supply of berries and rice cakes to try to fatten you up so his precious little Barbara will shun his very existence.
So anyway, your going through the level being bombarded with tasty treats and for some reason, Mr. Monogatari can't help but eat every single thing that goes his way. THANKFULLY the evil doers of the land also have energy shakes to drop when they are slain so that you, our hero, can regain your buff, trim, and generally fit figure. One of the best parts about "Shaping Up!" is that your attack goes from crushing the opponent with your tubby body, to an over-the-head kick, to shooting an unknown Japanese character from your mouth.
Oh, glory. This game rocks. The sound, graphics, plot, premise... just wondrous. My only concern is that, when knocked from your airplane in one of the "Flying" levels, how flapping like mad to keep aloft makes you gain huge amounts of weight... oh well!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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