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Title: Unnecessary Roughness 95
Author:Sports Accolade (A division of Accolade)
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Rickey D.

Synopsis: Overview

Unnecessary Roughness '95 is one of the worst sports games that was ever invented for the Sega genesis. It has a horrible passing and running game, and if you are on the defense good luck trying to tackle the guy.

Offensive Gameplay

The offensive gameplay is the most god awful experience, I mean these guys thought that making a little zoom feature the f*cks everything up is suppose to make the game better.

Accolade should burn every single copy of this game so that the world can rejoice.

Running Game

Well the running game sucks, you can't do the finest running moves (such as the spin, stiff arm, and the juke) that makes people fall in love with the games.

you don't get too many options when it comes to running, you can either go up the middle, around the linemen, or through B gap or C gap. The only good part about the running game is that you can run from any formation (with the full back, Half back, or quarter back).

Another bad thing about the running game is that you can only see five yards ahead and behind you. And there is no option to toggle around with the camera (you play with the crappy zoom feature).

I give the running game a 3 out of 10.

Passing Game

If you think that the running game sounds bad, then wait till you hear about the passing game. Now the passing game is very simple you press the good old C button and it gives you three receivers on mini screens on the top of the screen. Most of them appear open (that is until you pass to them).

See you only see the receiver, I guess that the programs didn't think that Db's were important enough for the micro screens. So lets say you have your tight end running a seem route (deep route down the field), and you figure hey I can score a touchdown. Well you throw the pass and bam you notice that the target is fifteen yards away from him (since your QB throws like sh*t.) Well here is what happens the free safety is right there intercepts it and runs it 50 GOD DAMN YARDS DOWN THE FIELD.

I give each god forsaking game three hours of gameplay, I record every play. My pass ratio was 3 completed passes for every fifteen thrown. Now I don't suck usually with every GOOD football game it takes me two hours (at the most) to learn all of the damn tricks!!!!

I give the passing game a 0.0000000002 out of 10.

Defensive Game

So, you think that I am pissed off now? I am just getting warmed the hell up. Here is another good old Rickey Dawson example of the sh*t for gameplay. You have a full back coming out of the backfield he has the ball in his hand and he has three guys trying to tackle him, well guess what Accolade forgot to do? They forgot to make the f-ing defenders tackle the proper way. Realistic NFL my ASS. In the NFL (most of the time) I guy can make a solo tackle, but not for this game. No they have to use some f-ing unrealistic football, that gives your CPU opponents the unfair ADVANTAGE!!!!


Well that is the review of Unnecessary Roughness '95. There are some ways to avoid getting as pissed off as me. For one DON'T BUY THIS GAME, even if it is only 99 cents. I suggest that you don't buy any sports games made by accolade.

Best Cheats: Tip 1:

When running the football always run from the shotgun position, then fake like you are running to the right, and when you see six or more players trying to tackle you run through the left side through the middle. This play works 80% of the time if you do it persistently.

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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