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Title: Lemmings
Author:Psygnosis & DMA Design
Rom Player: FreezeSMS
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: Unlike the NES version of Lemmings, The SMS version is more true to the Amiga version I used to have at one time. If you want to know how to play this game on the SMS, then I will tell you that the 2 button is your selection button much like the Game Gear version and you move the cursor around with your control pad (easy to pick up to play if you ask me.). What also separates this from the Lynx and NES versions of the game is that this version has levels exclusive to it much like the Genesis and Super NES versions, but some levels from the PC version have been switched out for new ones exclusive to it (Example: A BeastII of a level has been replaced by Almost There... and A Beast of a Level with a lava stage.) even though I haven't played the Genesis version of the game.

Game play: The controls are easy to master when compared to the NES and Game Boy versions. If you managed to read the synopsis you get the idea on the game play.

Graphics: The graphics, while well drawn, don't look as good as the NES version in some areas including the lack of exit animation. However, the lemmings are easier to see in this version than in the NES version, and they did a good job with the status bar even though the NES version had a MiniMap.

Music and Sound: The sound effects are decent, and it has some voices. However, the SMS sound chip butchered all the songs in the 16-bit versions and some were replaced by new ones. In other words, the music in this version sucks when compared to the Sound.

Originality: It's a modified PC port that's also available on the Game Gear and the Game Boy (color) version is a port of the NES version. The Lynx version is the only 8-bit version that is true to the 16-bit versions.

In the end, Lemmings is one game that is worth trying regardless of what system you have (unless it's the versions on the PS, 3DO, or CD-i, which are rather pointless in my opinion.).

Best Cheats: If you have the FreezeSMS emulator you can download the .FRZ file for this game and look up the cheats yourself. If you're using Meka, Dega, or
playing this on an actual SMS then head to Gamewinners.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8

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