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Title: Grand Prix
Rom Player: Stella
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: This racing game has an overhead view and is a side scroller. It has four tracks. They are:Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch, Le Mans, and Monaco.
Watkins Glen is the shortest track. Brands Hatch is some longer than Watkins Glen. Le Mans is some longer than Brands Hatch. And Monaco is some longer than Le Mans.
You must race other cars and try to avoid oil puddles in the road. Brands Hatch, Le Mans, and Monaco have tunnels you drive through.
This game is decent but I like Activision's Enduro better. I've also written a review about Enduro.
I give Grand Prix a six.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 4
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 6

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