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Title: Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge (3rd Review)
Author:Ultra Games
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: .............

Synopsis: Some games are classics, usually because thereís a good quality to them or they are known for their suck factor, which make them crappy classics. Metal Gear 2 is one of those NES games that reign supreme in the Gaming hall of suck.

First off, let me just say that what really kills me inside because of this game is the fact that it is the sequel to Metal Gear, an AWESOME game. This was one depressing, sequel. And Ultra games should never, make another one again. (Thank you for rescuing the Metal Gear series, Konami!)

Lets talk some story. But remember, I don't remember the details of the plot, so don't hold it out against me if I'm wrong. The year is 1999. Solid Snake must return to Zanibar to destroy Metal gear again. And he stumbles across Frank Jaeger, or Gray Fox, Snake old war buddy. If you remember from Metal Gear 1, he was the guy you had to rescue, and in Metal Gear Solid, he was the ninja dude that was insane and wanted to fight Snake for no apparent reason. Anyway he gets shot and killed by Snake, so apparently they aren't war buddies after all.

Gameplay: 3. MG2SR's gameplay is absolutely horrible. When you get a weapon and guards are trying to shoot at your ass the gun is near impossible to aim. You also have to be fairly close to shoot them because I've noticed the bullet will just disappear if not lodged into an enemy's abdomen. Even at point blank range, aiming is ridiculously difficult. Like the first, if youíre dry on ammo you have to put up your dukes, but even at so close hitting is difficult as well, Rocky Balboa. My theory is at Ultra games the producers said "We want to encourage our gamers at home not to attack anybody (forgot to mention, this is a stealth game) so well just make the gameplay horrible to discourage any confrontation" I gave the gameplay at 3 and only because I'm in a merciful mood.

Graphics:7 Its graphics were okay. I never wondered where I was or anything except for the fact that snake seems to be wearing a brown tight suit or something? At least give him something green to match his army image.

Music:5 The music drove me off the wall. I've heard worse but I heard better. When you get caught by the guard it makes this BEEP BEEP BEEP!! siren noise thatís really annoying. My tip for you is don't get caught unless you want to hear a half assed siren that will drive you nuts.

Oringnalty:10 Okay, I gave Metal Gear 2 a ten because a stealth game was back then, and still today, original. Hats off to you, for this one section anyway

Overall Rating 4: When it comes to crappiness, Metal gear 2 Snake's revenge delivers the goods. Too bad for this crappy sequel otherwise another metal gear game would of done nicely for the SNES. Ladies and germs, if you want a real game, get any of the metal gear solids. This game should of never of seen the light of goddamn day.

Best Cheats: Put game in front of your car. Run it over. That is far more enjoyible than playing it.

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 4

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