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Title: 1942 (2nd review)
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: Billy

Synopsis: First off, I'll just say I love the Nintendo. I've played a wide range of games on it and they all had a story to tell. I have played good ones, bad ones, silly ones and evil ones, and when I put 1942 in the console for the first time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

1942 is one of those games in which its pretty fun for the first 5 minutes or 10, 15 tops, yet by then you'll notice yourself getting off your fat ass pushing the power button off. 1942 is one of those games that many people said was a classic, yet I still found it quite crappy.

You start the game seeing your huge white airplane flying off the carrier in the ocean. Its safe to assume that it takes place in WWII, hence the title 1942, but otherwise you would be wondering where the hell everything is taking place. 90% of the game basically is shooting airplanes on the screen while trying to land on the next battleship on the opposite side of the level. The other 10% of the game is well, pushing the pause button for a bathroom break or pushing the reset button from boredom. Like I said, there was no real explanation of a storyline at all in the game, so for all we know hell, the game could be about a mad kid who put gun turrets on his model airplane and he's being a total jackass by shooting the other kids's planes down. I find that scenario a little unlikely and silly, but I'm just trying to prove a point.

If you manage to beat the first level, which really is no big accomplishment since most of the enemies are suckers for running into your line of slow paced fire, like I said, you must land in the next carrier on the other side of the level. I expected something different the next level, but to my shock-THE SECOND LEVEL IS ALMOST THE SAME! I said, what the hell? Has Capcom run out of fucking ideas or were they just stoned when they created the game? Like the first level, the enemy airplanes are still wussy enough to just be target practice and pose no real threat. Then I learned there was 31 more levels to this repetitive nightmare. Oh crap. And at the beginning and ending of every level, your airplane lands or drives off the carrier. I was hoping that the enemy (should I call them Germans or Japs, since if this is world war 2 supposedly, yet there isn't an explanation who they are)would bomb the carriers since doing so would cause the little white airplane that could some confusion and would end the game (not to mention they just sit in the ocean like sitting ducks)but to put it shortly, no.

Now I'm not going to explain all 32 levels, because my review would get just as dull as the game, but I will say this, ditto with the next few levels. After a while there will be some islands, land, some beaches (which suck because of the bright yellow color, enemy fire is impossible to see, which results in a quick loss of a life) but nothing that will make you think it was all worthwhile. There are also new enemy planes such as kamikaze planes that have an obsession into crashing their plane onto you in the latter levels, but thatís it. And at the last few levels when we saw some city scenery the first thing that popped into my mind was "Finally, we can bomb some buildings, shoot some civilians or something" but no fucking no. Then I probably banged my head onto the wall until I was out cold.

The graphics were mediocre. There was never a time in which I wondered what something was on the screen due to poor graphics. I could recognize the airplanes and the environment, yet it really didn't matter due to all the cheesiness it contains.

Of course, the gameplay also has quite the same suck factor. It is extremely limited, in which you can move left to right, up and down, and a little duck maneuver that dodged all enemies and their puny bullets for about 3 seconds. I know It was Nintendo and all and it wasn't going to be 3d or anything like that but it could of still been better. Also, the enemies moved a lot faster then you (well, some of them) and while one would argue that will only add to the challenge, however since they are poor shooters it does nothing to raise the potential of the game.

The music was just as bad. It didn't have much music in the game in which the game mainly consisted of beeps and stuff when you fired your gun or something. I also got sick of the happy theme every time you completed a level, because I felt no satisfaction because I acknowledged the fact that I will be practically playing the same level all over again. I mean, whatís the point of victory music when you would have to repeat the same thing 30 more times? Man, kill me.

The game wasn't even that original either. A shooting game in which you have to get to one end of the level to another. Wow, and its only been used 700,678,211 times before. Need I say more?

As you can tell, I thought 1942, was quite BAD. I don't know what Capcom saw in this game that they thought that 32 levels of the same repetitive stuff would be "fun" but apparently I don't think its fun. If you're into repetitive gaming, or are looking for a few laughs due to the overall cheesiness of it all, hereís one for you. Otherwise, don't waste your time on this pile of crap. Case closed.

Best Cheats: Tape this game to a 100 sticks of dynimate. Watch it explode. That is more fun. But remember, always wear safety equipment when handeling explosives.

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 3

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