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Title: R-Type
Rom Player: FreezeSMS
Reviewer: "Junkman" Jesse Shearer

Synopsis: Basically, R-Type was your standard space shooter game where you got the ship and flew through the galaxy to blow up the bad guys. Very much like the Gradius games.

One of the major things that makes this one different, if memory serves, is that while Gradius gave you the ability to either customize your ship or pick a "package deal" before you started playing and power up the options as you go, R-Type required you to find the extra weapons in the levels. This lead to the thing I most remember about the game: the huge-ass orb on the front of your ship when you had the powerups.

The thing I find most amazing about this game is how new it is. I mean, I remember playing this one long before I switched from Sega to Nintendo for video games, which is about the time this game was copyrighted. I guess I'm older than I think.

Either that, or I just liked the Gradius games I played later better.

Best Cheats: I'm sure there are some. I just don't know them

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 3

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