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Title: Digger T Rock
Rom Player: J Nes
Reviewer: Blizsniff

Synopsis: Running around in pot holes may seem fun in the day when you were a kid, oh I used to love running round with a shovel digging holes in my back garden while throwing rope ladders so I can drop down safely, come on for god's sake.
You play what seems to be a 10 year old child wielding a shovel a few rope ladders and some dynamite who must venture in the deep dark cave to find treasure. Jesus Christ this is a child we're talking about, who gives a child a shovel, some rope ladders and some dynamite and says "go down the hole son and find us some damn treasure", people go to prison for these kind of things.
Through the caves you will meet some nasty bastard critters on the way, ok bats and all that seem fine in caves and holes, but god-damn T rex's!! Oh Lucifer. I loved those old tales my grandfather used to tell me, he would say " In the caves as a child I used to slaughter dinosaurs with shovel oh yes"
The music sounds like a load of snorting from a heavily wounded ox and will want you to scratch your skin off your body, but the worst part of the game has to be the fact that if you see a loose boulder hanging from the ceiling you would think hmm I better wait for it to fall. HA HA HA thatís a good one instead as you walk underneath it, it falls right on you, what timing eh? just as your underneath it.
Also the fact if you fall down a drop about the size of the kid you end up dieing, so you must drop a rope ladder, if you can ever place it right as it never goes where you want it to,
Legend of the lost city!!! What city I donít see no city!!!! Whereís this goddamn city.

Such a poor game, it is really sad

Best Cheats: Don't know, Don't Care

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 2

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