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Title: Sparkster
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Mog

Synopsis: Konami, Being One of the top contenders of the game production scene, always seemed to set a standard whenever one of their new creations surfaced, and this game is no exception! You Control Sparkster (Yes, the same one from Rocket Knight Adventures) And hes ready to kick more ass than ever. The story is: One day, while he was escorting the Princess back to the castle, Axel Gear attacks and kidnaps her. Sparkster, Being in his usual mood to kick some ass, Blasts off after Axel to give him a beating he'll never forget! Unfortunatly, Axel has teamed up with some weird lizard king named Gedol, who has sent his entire army to eliminate Sparkster and take over the kingdom of Zebulous. But Sparkster is one insane little Opossum who won't go down without a fight!

The thing that really makes Sparkster so great is the sheer size of the levels. Filled with a Hefty selection of enemies and clever secrets, You're bound to find some things you missed the first time around. Add some of the most crisp graphics ever seen on the Genesis, combine with fluid animation and accurate controls, then complete it with one of the best game soundtracks i've ever heard and you've got a gem. If you haven't played Sparkster yet, i highly recommend it!

Best Cheats: Since I Do Not Condone Cheating, i usually use this for hints...

*The Seven Swords (Golden Sparkster)*: Hidden in Each Level is a Sword. if you collect them all from each level, after you fight axel, you will be transformed into Golden Sparkster for the last fight. Your Attack power goes up, and your Rocket charge time is practically non-existant. It makes the final battle a breeze! (Hint: You have to complete the intro fight to get the first sword, and difficulty has to be above EASY)

*Hidden 1 up*: In the first level, right before you transition into the next area, you will see a bunch of gems in a small hole in the ground. if you head left and feel around the wall, youll slip through into a small room containing a 1-up

*First level end boss Strategy*: Rocket into the top left corner of the screen, if he starts shooting at you... just rocket over and avoid. try to time his arm movements for the right moment, diagnolly rocket down into his nose and as you ricochet, fly back up into the top left corner.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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