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Title: Jurassic Park: Rampage Editon (2nd Review)
Author:Blue Sky Software
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Johnny

Synopsis: I love the movie this game was based on. This game makes me love it even more. I dont know anyone who hasnt seen the movie Jurrisic park, but anyway its about this old guy who uses DNA to clone real life dinosuars and makes an amusement park afterwards. The dinos run amok afterward, so Dr Alan Grant, a patholest (i dunno i i spelled that right), and a few others must escape the island or be eaten by angry dinos. Everything in the park pretty much goes to hell the second half of the flim, what makes it worse is the pitiful screaming of the girl lex (watch the movie and you will know what im talking about), but i admit, ill be pretty damned scared too to be looking at a female trex up close which looks like its on PMS. But i am reviewing the game, not the flick, so on to Jurassic park: rampage edition. Now, theres a nasty belief that all video games based on movies suck and vice versa, mainly due to inconsistinces with plot and character roles. What makes this game awesome is although its probably the most inconsisent game with its movie on the planet, instead of the game being bad, its makes the game pretty damn good. I will get to the examples a little later. Like some of the other Jurrasic park games (there are only three to my knowledge, but I could be wrong) you had the choice of being the protagist in the flim, Dr. Alan Grant, and a veloreraptor a type of dino. The differences in gameplay vary, and grant has guns while the dino doesnt (and species, obviously)but other then that, theres not much diffrence between them. But that does not mean you shouldnt try them both. As i mentioned earlier, theres many inconsistinces with this game that really reflect Grant more then our dino friend. examples include: 1.Not only can Grant get an arsenal of weapons, unlike in the movie (ok, there were some guns in the flim, but it wasnt no terminator movie) but instead of just fighting dinosaurs, he kills OTHER FUCKING PEOPLE! thats right, other people who look like soliders attack u and u must kill them to survive. They never explain why humans are against grant all of a sudden, but I found it fun none of the less because of the funny animations involved with their deaths. Like when u shock em with your electric gun they turn into skeletons, for example. I have two thoeires for this one man paletoligian war, either Grant pissed em off in a way that they never explain, or we have pyschopaths working and the b.s.s. But, hey, who really cares? 2.The dino does back flips. Ok, maybe the dinosuar could of done back flips. Probably not. But in this case, the veloceraptor can backflip 25 feet in the air in this game. It looks cool none of the less, and i supose the developers wanted to spice up the game a little bit, so thats ok with me. Thats why i give it a 7, despite backfliping making no logical sense. Graphics were alright, its cool cuz your in the jungle, but first your on a boat or something i think (say, why doesnt grant just get to the captains quarters and escape? just a thought) you also go to the one part with the gate like in the flim, except its covered in vines. You also go to these ruins (also another inconsitincy part, the park at this point looks like easter island jr.) and so forth. Music and sounds were alright, but I found the opening theme a little annoying on the ol eardrums.It wasnt the movie theme, just some annoying theme that thankfully you only hear at the beginning. And if i remember correctly, when you choose a character they play this music and grant will do his animation of firing his gun over and over, which looks like hes dancing fast. Maybe i was just dreaming it, but i guess thats another inconsisty, that in which grant no any dinos of any kind can dance a jig while the gamer chooses them for play. Originaly is a little low because this is a side scroller, plus its based on a movie. But its a very good movie,and although that does not mean the game will be, in this case it is. All in all, Jurissic park:rampage etidion is a nice game to kill a few hours and to get a bang out of your buck or few bucks, depending on how much they would sell this thing on ebay or something. Although the game may not be for everyone, everyone can still at least watch the flim and enjoy it.

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Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 9

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