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Title: Legend of Zelda, The (4th Review)
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: Johnny

Synopsis: I don't understand how the legend of Zelda was such a popular game. Although I didnt play Zelda in 1986 (i wasnt born till 87, yes Im growing up in the p52 xbox and gamecube generation) I still cant understand what made it so great. Now, dont start by saying "well you just dont like it cuz it doesnt have flashy graphics from p52 and your xbox." No, that is not the case. I love the nintendo and I like a good chunk of games for it. In fact, I agree with Volcannon that Zelda II was more fun to play, although that game wasnt as popular. But maybe thats because that was more of an RPG, which are my favortive. The story itself is intresting enough, even though its not to deep. But I acknowledge that during the mid 80's, which was when this game was made, it was rare to have a video game with a lot of depth to its plot. Thats why I gave originalty a ten, because it is like an ancestor for other adventure/roleplaying/discovery games to come in the years to follow. Oops, i forgot to talk about the story line. Well, in the country of Hyrule, a evil wizard named Ganon captures the princess zelda, for whatever reason. But before he does, zelda splits up the magical triforce into 8 pieces and puts them in random dungeons. Ganon wants the triforce so he can rule the world. Some boy named Link is walking round the woods one day when he sees one of Zelda's loyal servants. Her name is Impa, and she is attacked by goblins, or moblins or whatever the hell. Link chases them away, and he automactally gets the job of rescuing the princess and collect the 8 pieces so he can battle ganon and such and peace will be restored etc. etc. You begin your game on a open field, with absoulty no equipment in your possession. Wow, I wonder how Impa though Link would fight a wizard/warlord like Ganon with no weapons? Well, ok, Link has to collect weapons. Heading to a cave up on top of the screen a old man will be inside, and gives you a shitty wooden sword. At least the sword shoots out laser beams........then again you have to be at full health to do so (and staying at full health is more impossible then Fat Albert going on a sucessful diet....ok crappy joke, but im only trying to prove a point) Oh, wait i forgot you have a sheild, but it doesnt even protect against sword attacks! Wow, if thats the case, then how the hell does Impa expect Link to save the world with a stick shaped like what he should have a sword? thats right, blame Impa, blame the old man. Heading up north, where as the first dugeon is in the middle of the lake via a dugeon, you must go through fields and shit, but I couldnt believe what i was seeing when I first laid eyes on that miserable excuse for a dugeon. It didnt look like a scary castle or a cave, it looked like a deformed tree. Thats just sad, just sad. But what really makes the game bad up to the point to total pity is that there are no actul buildings in the game, with the exception of the dugeons scattred across the nation. Everybody lives in caves, not houses. And there are no cities or towns. What the fuck?! Now, I realize that back in the middle ages, people were pretty damn poor, but god they at least lived in grouped settlements in decents homes. No wonder the citzens didnt put up any sort of resistance to ganon. They probably figured if the royal family never gave them decent dwellings, then there was no point in defending them. I know I wouldnt at least, because living in a cave carved outside a mountain isnt exactly fun. (not to mention, they dont have any furintare at all in there little flintstone slethers) Like I said, Hyrule sure is depressing. No homes, no towns, just neatherdals living in caves. At least Zelda II actully had towns in it, you got to agree. You also have the pleasure of controlling an elf that cant even use his weapons properly. I noticed Link can only swing his sword stricly to the left, right up and down, at a 90 degree angle. This proves to be a frustaing problem when enemies attack you from an angle. That goes with defending with the sheild, limiting your ablity to fend yourself (and like I said, your sheld doesnt defend against sword attacks and some special attacks) This greatly takes away the fun of the game, for you will find yourself dying a million times just to get to a short distance. Although the boomerang, on the other hand can be thrown diagonally, it is only used as a weapon to stun and when there are multiple enemies on the screen, it proves its uselessness. Plus, many enemies in the game are stronger then you and when theyre in a group, things get riducously diffucult. Also a problem in the game is every time you die or save, you will automactally be transported back to the very first area of the game, where you got the sword. Unless you die in the dugeon, in which youll only go back to the entrace, no matter what you do, you will be teleported back to wherever you were, either by God, telekenisis, or some asshole developer. This becomes a problem for when you are really far away, if you get killed you will have to recover a lot of ground. Now, Hyrule isnt that big of a country, but when there are so many goblins, griffins, and moblins that are on steroids in your way, it becomes a struggle to get back where you came from. And the only good it does is its good at making you angry as hell. As far as graphics go, pretty bad stuff. I realize that the graphics were made in 86 but they could of been better. The background needed some work too, actully a lot. Aprently every wall in the game is either a tree or an mountain. Really great imaganations nintendo. The movement was a little choppy too. Plus, I couldnt reconize what the monsters were in the game. Some looked like oversized insects but I' not sure. My point is, If your graphics look as bad that people cant reconize what theyre looking at, then you gotta put more effort in, really. The music in the game was no laughing matter either. I got tired of hearing the same two tunes over and over again. Either the theme song, or the dugeon song. It really either makes you either put ear plugs on or turn the sound down. Not to mention the sounds are the standard bleeps and beeps. Something Zelda II also improved on, but for some reason no one gives any credit too. Im not going over origianlty because I think I already talked about it. Lets wrap this up. Overall, the legend of zelda, is kinda bad. Pretty bad, but I played worse. Although it isnt the worst game of all time, it ranks up there. Many people believe this is one of the best games of all time, but I couldnt disagree any more. Just advoid this one, but try to give Zelda II the adventure of Link a chance.

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Game Play: 4
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 2


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