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Title: SubTerrania
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Az

Synopsis: Out in the coldness of space, a mining colony based on a large plantoid has been attacked by a hostile alien race. This attack stems, as said in the game, from a long standing hostility towards the human race. You have been selected to pilot an experimental fighter and journy deep into the plantoid to rescue survivors and destroy the alien threat.

That's the main plot, now for the game itself. The game is simple in design: don't hit too many walls, don't get shot too much, refuel and complete the missions. The way this is pulled off is anything but boring, however. Before each mission you are breifed by SatScan, a program that upgrades during the game from a simple outline of the level and basic info to displaying enlarged detail of areas and enemies as well as better visuals. The ship can be fitted with three main weapon types: Red, Blue and Green. Each does a different thing: Red shoots a more concentrated area, green spreads out and Blue fires in a forward/outward pattern. Each of these can be upgraded twice to level 3. In addition to these there are various other weapons including missiles, reflective mirrors and special lasers. Each weapon serves a specific purpose in the game. As you fly around the level, you will need to refuel your ship by landing on and taking orange orbs (DO NOT SHOOT THESE!)There are also white ones that will recharge your shields but if you take care you won't need them too much. Rescuing P.O.W's is easy, just land near them and they'll walk over and get into the ship. Most important of all, in the first 6 levels there is a part for a sub module. You will have to collect these to complete each mission. These are for the underwater levels later on. These levels are the only real problem because you burn more fuel underwater trying to move, but there is an item that provides you with limitless fuel towards the end (for reasons having to do with water)This is the only real flaw in the game. SatScan will not work in these water levels. The controls of the game are good as they are, but can be configured. The bosses are original and cool(especially the last boss), the enemies all look great, and the game is one big chunk of eyecandy that delivers a good play every time. The music is hard to describe because there's really nothing like it in other games, it really does sound alien and brings to mind being trapped underground, which is fitting for a game with aliens that takes place underground. Gets an 8 in gameplay for the difficulty of the later levels, but still a very good game and a classic Genesis game.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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