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Title: Uninvited
Author:Icom Simulations
Rom Player: FCE Ultra
Reviewer: Devilbuster

Synopsis: What?! You people haven't reviewed Uninvited yet?! What's WRONG with you people?!!?

.....Ahem. This was the best, and last, Nintendo game by Icom Simulations. It's the standard "Go through the Haunted House to save your sister/girlfriend/stupid yellow rat". You just go around, collecting stuff and solving puzzles, and finding creative ways to kill yourself. There are a few references to their previous games as well.

Sound: Total shit. But it doesn't really matter, since the storyline is the game's only claim to fame.

Gameplay: Basic choose-your-own-adventure/horror. Not much good unless you like to read a lot.

Music: Excellent...for a NES game, that is, but still pretty good. I even use some of the songs. The music is appropriately unsettling, and the "Death Becomes You" music actually kept me up at night, thinking that a bony hand will impale me through my matress and drag me in, ala Freddy Krueger. But I digress. Basically, it's better than most NES games.

Originality: Not much. But it can scare you the first time you play it, especially in the first floor hall.....

Graphics: Pictures are a bit unnessessary in text games, but it helps in this game. The "Your Quest Is Over" screen and the death screens enhanced the experience, believe it or not.

Overall: A natural choice for the people of I-Mockery. Even if it's a shitty text game.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 7

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