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Title: Chester Cheetah's Wild Wild Quest
Author:Kaneko USA, LTD
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Az

Synopsis: The Genesis was host to many product mascot games, and this is one more on the list. The story is as follows: Chester cheetah has broken out of the City Zoo and is riding his motercycle to Hip City, USA. While on his way, he runs into Mean Eugene, a guy who is either a zoo keeper trying to get Chester back, or just some guy with a "cool" name who hates cartoon cheetahs, the game doesn't say. Eugene rips up the map to Hip City and throws the pieces across the whole nation. Chester now has to get the pieces back if he's going to get to Hip City.

This could have been done with Cool Spot, Captain Crunch or even the snausages Dog. You guide Chester thru many parts of the US such as Omahog, Lostin and othere misnamed plases. As you play, you can only take one hit. Picking up a Cheetos bag will give you another chance before you have to start the level over. Enemies can include anything from alligators and vutures to pigs and scarecrows. While avoiding these, you can collect Cheeto Paw snacks. Collect enough and you can play a bonus stage that involves collecting Cheetos on a motercycle.

There's also a bonus game at the end of each level that works a little like a slot machine. You can collect icons of the other characters in Chester's band (Note: In the sound test screen you see these characters, and that's the only place you see them. Look like there may have been a sequal that wasn't.) This doesn't mean you'll win the bonus game. In fact, it can be almost impossible to get anything out of the bonus game.

The bosses in the game are ok for most of the levels. The boss for the water level is a submarine and such. Some bosses don't make much sense, though. For example, in the level of electicity and robots, you fight a cloud. Must be the industry link to it, maybe it's smoke, but eugene turning tinto a smoke monster is something you're going to have to accept. The bosses are fun anyway, all the way up to the Grand Prix race with Eugene.

The Gameplay is ok for the generic platformer formula, but there's nothing new here. The game controls well and there really aren't any problems here. Sun Glasses and other items help you on your way.

The Graphics are good for Genesis and are close to cartoon-quality. Chester looks ok and has a few amuzing animations, he even plays a guitar while invincible. The fact that EVERYTHING in the game is wearing sunglasses may or may not be amusing to you.

The music is alright, each level has a different track, but all bosses share the same theme.

The game is pretty original, I don't know of any other Cheetos game or game with a cartoon cheetah in it. Gamewise, it's nothing new.

Overall, the game gets an 8. All that and a bag of Cheetos.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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