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Title: Duck Tales
Rom Player: nesticle
Reviewer: Brian Bellows

Synopsis: I fondly remember so many days of my youth was spent pretending to be sick just so i could sit at home and play this game. Now admittedly, Disney has some crap games (Darkwing anyone?), but this remains one of my favorites to this day. Of course you play as Uncle Scrooge, the miserly, top duck in Duckberg. His mission is to be the richest duck in the world. He's out to gather up the world's best treasures with the help of his pals. Of course you'll run into Launch Pad (a staple of the Disney TV cartoons in the early 90's), Huey Dewey, Luey, Webby, the Nanny, the Caveman Boy, and Gizmo Duck among others.

You'll search on one of 5 different worlds. They're the Himalayas, the Moon, African diamond mines, Transylvania, and the Amazon. Apperently, these places hold great treasures. The diamond mines I can see, hell, that's the obvious one, but what the fuck is in the Himalays? Those Tibetan Monks must have some kick ass treasure, sadly it's guarded by the abominable snowman. How cool would it be to see Unky Scrooge bust out with a killer crane style against a Carradine like foe?

Anyway, you go from world to world gathering as much diamonds and treasure as you can till you beat the game and have 40 million pretend dollars to......I don't know, buy a pretend pony. Hell, when you're 12 it doesn't take real money to please you.

Graphics: 8/10
I thought they were great. As good as good can be for the NES. They might have been a little dated because of how early this game came out, but overall it captured the cartoony-ness of the characters.

Sound: 5/10
what are you gonna do, it's an old console, there's not much to any of Nintendo's music.

Originality: 7/10
It's kind of a Mario hybrid, but what wasn't back then? Once you learn the pogo jump, it's a cake walk. this was one of the first games that i remember, that you didn't have to do in a specific order too.

Gameplay: 9/10
Fun stuff. it's as easy to learn as Mario, the puzzles are easy, the enemies aren't that tough. There is a difficulty setting, but I never used it. The pogo jump is your best friend and brush up on your golf swing.

Overall: 8/10
Call in sick to work and download the ROM. It will only take you a half a day to beat, but worth every minute of it.

Best Cheats: Not that I remember, It's easy enough that you don't need them anyway. Remember to try and bounce off the screen in some places, cause it will lead you to goodies.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 8

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