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Title: Taboo - The Sixth Sense
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: Pip

Synopsis: One day I was at my local used game store. I saw this game in the NES section. The title and stereotypical New Age sun caught my attention. I figured it was some kind of super natural action game. I bought it for 5 bucks and went home. Little did I know what horror this game contained.

I blew in the catridge and got the blinking screen. As ussual I continued to blow until I finnaly got it to work. I quickly remembred the NES warning of how blowing into it makes the game not work...to bad.

It finnaly got on. Some happy or adventurous music started to come on when the Tarot card "The Hermit" came up with "TABOO-THE SIXTH SENSE" ABOVE IT. A little skull with flashing eyes appeared in the last O ophiously showing the player how mysterious and/or mystical it was. At this point I could tell I was gonna get a good laugh thinking about what a religeous fundamentelist would say at the two symbols mentioned.

I decided I should start playing. Some music suggesting mystery and wizardry came up when I am confronted with this message that made me literally piss my pants.

"All that has been
and all that will be
is here for you to know.
Dare you glimpse the future?
Dare you even ask?
(Commentary-Here comes my favorite part!)

I like the overal mood of this message. It's like Gandalf himself wrote it just for this game! Wait this isn't wise enought to be Gandalf's work. I'll go with Orko writing this cause Orko is a loser...just like everyone who belives this game is real.

At this point I knew I wasn't playing an action game anymore. The next screen showed some old piece of parchmen. It also shows a hand with a quill pen ready to write. You first type in your name. Name for some reason has Celtic cross on the N. Next you type in your birthday with the B infront of a pentacle. Ohhhhh how mysterious! Then your sex.

A simmilar scene with the parchment and hand came up again. This time at the top it says "State your question" I quickly put in "Serious...Who the fuck made this?"

Next I get some scene that depicts a virtual Tarot deck being shuffle with flashing neon colors in the background. It does this for about 20 seconds before the accualy Tarot reading begins.

So I get the Knight of Coins which represents me. For my origin card I get the Lovers which for those not fammaliar with the Occult means "The question deals with love, marital or domestic problems."


I asked who made this game not about a girlfriend. WAIT! I GET IT NOW! It's so clear now! The creators of this game must be my soul mate! :)

After getting through the rest of my bullshit Tarot reading I get a new screen. It talks about my lucky number and I have no idea how it works. You put in your state or something.Well Rare did ya ever think people outside the USA wanted to play this game? Huh? No, you didn't. Pretty much after your lucky number it goes back to the title screen.

After laughing my ass of for the next ten minutes I decided "HOLY SHIT I GOTTA DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS GAME!" Seeing as I'm to lazy to tell you about the instructions I'll link you. It's pretty damn funny and if you got the time read it.

This game helped me decide my life's profession...fraud psychic. I swear to God that must be the easiest fucking job in the world. I could be like "Let me read your palm" I'd make a few "hmmm" sounds while looking at some 16 year old girl or house wife's hand. I would then say "It appears you have an ancient curse from...what's your ancestry again?" Let's say that they say "Ireland" I would then reply with "From the ancient Celts! Pay me 200 bucks and I'll do a very dangerous ritual to take it off when I get home so I can have the proper ritual space." Oh I can see it now the second I get home I'll put on a Red Sox game or something. There's my ritual. Hell, maybe even I can use Taboo in my fraud psychic place. I'll put a New Agey cloth over my NES. I'd then tape "Ancient Egyption artifact" over my Taboo catridge and take out SMB3 or something.

Anyways Taboo is only good when you have a few friends over so you can laugh your ass off.

Best Cheats: None

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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