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Title: Star Tropics (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Chris of Valis

Synopsis: Truely one of the better games on the NES system for many reasons. A story of a boy's vacation gone wrong and setting out for a long, and dangerous adventure.

Story :10/10: You are Mike just a average Joe/Teen/Baseball player gone on vacation to a Tropical land called C-Island to visit your Uncle, who is a researcher there (Ancient artifacts and Alien language kinda thing you know). Upon arrival you find from the Island Chief that he has been Kidnapped by who knows what, and you have to set out to save him.....with a Yo-Yo! Well my guess is that a island Yo-Yo is most likely made of Wood, or Rock, or something so don't expect to do any tricks, unless you count bash the monster/unspeakable horror in the face a trick. Once you get going you travel around from place to place helping others and solving puzzles (yes and alot of bashing too)

GamePlay :10/10: Although moving a bit slower then Zelda Games, you can at least jump up and down unless you find something to jump onto, most likely a Block. By pressing on the right blocks to can find switchs or Items to get you through. Yeilding Health Bottles, or sub-Weapons like a Baseball Bat, Bolas (think two rocks tied by a rope) or even Powerful Laser Guns ^^. There are alot more puzzles then Zelda, giving more then just the "Kill to open door" kind. After Exploring to the Kingdom of all Women, and then getting a magic cube later on you can upgrade your Yo-Yo to a Mace "called a Shooting star That DOES shoot" and then the Super Nova (bigger mace with full Range) Always fun!

Graphics :8/10: As you may have heard before it has alot of familiarity with the Greatest game ever Zelda 1. But what the heck is wrong with that? Zelda Ruled this game doing something SIMILAR isn't bad. It doesn't copy it that's for sure as the Visuals are very well made, I'd say above average for a NES game.

Music :4/10: Yes it's the downfall part having most tunes repeat quite a few times in each Dungeon, but the outer world music is nice to listen to, being very tropic which fits the mood well (you know Tropical island and all). You will find some hidden lenthy music toward the end especially the end credits music which is really nice.

Originality :8/10: Although Similar to Zelda it has many features that makes it apart from the wonderful game. The Plot, the different weapons, and the way you move and travel were just some of the really neat things about this game including the twisting story. One thing I absolutly loved is that the game came with a Letter inclosed. This one happened to be the letter Mike Recived from his Uncle, but to advance in the game, you actully have to DO something with said letter. I won't spoil it but to say the least it's very Unique.

Overall :8/10: for me being one of the greater games of the NES period, even somedays when I'm bored of all these "new" "advance" system games I go back to a game like this, that started such wonderful memories and adventures in my mind ^^

Best Cheats: I guess using the Letter "Somehow" ;) and coming up with the Code to advance in the game (if you don't have the letter just read any FAQ)

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8


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