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Title: Mighty Final Fight
Rom Player: FCE Ultra
Reviewer: Stak

Synopsis: Mighty Final Fight is the result of Capcom trying to port one of their arcade hits, Final Fight, to an 8-bit system. While the result was certainly no Double Dragon or River City Ransom, the game is still quite fun.

The plot is the same as in the arcade: the Mad Gear gang has taken Jessica, the mayor's daughter, and it's up to you to kick some butt and rescue her. Unlike the Super NES version of Final Fight, all three playable characters (Cody, Haggar, and Guy) are here. Haggar is the strong but slow character, Guy is fast but deals less damage, and Cody is somewhere between the two.

Gameplay is a lot like the arcade Final Fight. This would be great if it weren't for the fact that the game is only one-player. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game, but it would have been so much better with two-player action. The gameplay consists of getting from one side of the screen to the other (kind of like all NES games, eh?) and beating the crap out of anyone you might encounter. You can activate a crowd-clearing special attack by pressing A and B simultaneously, and you can perform grab moves and throws by pressing against the enemies. Haggar still has his old piledriver, too! Occasionally you will find food powerups to restore health, and weapons specific to each character. Haggar gets a sledgehammer, Guy gets a set of shirukens, and Cody gets knives.

There are a couple of elements here that weren't in the arcade Final Fight. One is that your character gains experience as he defeats enemies. Supposedly, higher levels mean you deal more damage, but I couldn't really tell much of a difference. Another is that by mashing the directional pad and the attack button, you can activate a hidden special move. Haggar lunges at the enemy, Guy performs a double kick, and Cody throws an energy wave.

As a final note, the game is fairly difficult. There are several places where you can use up an entire continue if you aren't careful, and the later bosses are near-impossible. But if you're a fan of beat-em-ups, I recommend checking out Mighty Final Fight.

Best Cheats: At the beginning of the game, choose Haggar to start at experience level 2. Cody and Guy start at level 1. Cody's energy wave attack, if you can pull it off in time, is a great way to keep back the lategame bosses.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 8

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