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Title: Home Alone
Rom Player: SNESx9
Reviewer: Pip

Synopsis: Yes everyone knows how awesome the first 2 Home Alone movies are but for the REAL humor in this movie series you should check out the video game.

Now, I remember when I was about 4 or 5 playing this game at my older cousins' house. Back then I probably wasn't paying attention to such things. Now when I was younger this game seemed HUGE but a few weeks ago when I downloaded it I beat it in a 1/2 hour.

Anyways let's get started on the game overview. You're Kevin in his house, speaking of his house in the video game it appears his house is a two story rectangle with doors only in the back part of the house. Ok, back to the game...you're a 2 foot tall Kevin...yes 2 feet tall...in the game your head barely reaches the doorknob on the doors. The object of the game is to run through the home collecting various objects that are in drawers, bins, baskets, on the shelf, the mirror, a giant moose head, pictures, calendars, and the toilet. What is really odd is that in one level cats and dogs come out of the drawers as if the Macalisters were animal abusers. Once collected you deposit them into the laundry shoot. Then you beat the level and Kevin says “Better get to the next wing of the house!” Now Is it just me or was Kevin’s house big enough to be separated in wings on the movie? Anyways, sounds easy huh?

DON'T THINK SO! You're in the same house as Harry and Marv along with a few new random criminals dressed up like the stereotypical mobster. But not to worry, you’ve got plenty of weapons. Your default is a water gun (And not a super soaker either, one of those little pussy water guns). Here is where reality is altered. Apparently squirting someone with this gun causes them to go “Umph” and bend over in pain. When they are bent over it gives you enough space to jump over them. On your adventure you can also find some other weapons such as a slingshot, baseball and BB gun. Now once you have these weapons you can use them against the bad guys but EVERY SINGLE ONE bounces off their chest. Yes apparently a water gun can make them bend over in pain but throwing a baseball at their chest (Or nuts) will simply reflect off them as if they were Jesus. Unfortunately even the almighty infinite water watergun won’t destroy your enemies. Luckily there are plenty of nails and toy cars on the ground. Yes if you make one of your enemies walk into nails or toys they go “Blarg” and slip off the screen. Oh and if a bowling ball that just happens to be there falls on their head they also will slide off the screen. And DO make sure that you do not… “Die”, Kevin will instinctively run to the bathroom and perform his classic copyrighted scream by putting aftershave on his face. Fucking pussy.

Once you get enough objects a key appears like magic (With a k) in front of the basement door and you can go down one of the Macalister’s 4 basements. While in the basement you will be attacked by a series of spiders, roaches, rats or ghosts depending on the level. At the end of the level a giant version of the creature will appear. A discolored brick will be in the middle of the fighting area. You must jump next to the brick and it will cause it to fall ontop of the creature. Once it is defeated you walk over to the family vault jump up do a twisty movement and all the objects fly into the vault.

Yeah this game is great for a few laughs much like my other review for Taboo-The Sixth Sense.

Best Cheats: In the bathrooms check the mirror for invinciblity.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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