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Title: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Author:LJN Toys Ltd./Rare
Rom Player: nester
Reviewer: Dante Wyrmfoe

Synopsis: By now it should be very little surprise to anyone that a movie tie-in videogame is destined to be horrible from the get go, and should you worry about the delicate balance being disrupted don't worry...this is no exception.

You play as Eddie Valiant, hired by Roger Rabbit to wander around town with his hands in his pockets, destroy the evil Judge Doom, find the four pieces of the will and save toon town, just like in the movie...kinda.

Game play involves two basic themes, walking around town and randomly getting killed by enemies you can barely see and exploring buildings and getting killed by enemies you can barely see.

In between these unfortunate bouts of dying you will question the townsfolks whom will tell you nothing more useful that "look in this building". With such stellar advice like this it's no wonder I spend most of my time just smacking people upside the head instead of bothering to hear their pearls of wisdom.

Searching buildings for "clues" usually weilds things like boxing gloves, portable holes and other "toony" things you can use to defend yourself againt the plague of rats, kittens and small dogs that have infested the city.

As if the frustration of this wasn't enough the placement of these items is entirely random so on the very likely event that you'll get your fool ass killed you get to start all over again. isn't that fun?

I will give it credit that these types of games were not too common on the NES and it made for a decent novelty. Unfortunately getting kicked in the beanbag in a new and inventive way is still getting kicked in the beanbag.

The Graphics and music were substandard even for the NES. The backgrounds were almost painful to look at and would frequently cause items, enemies and Eddie Valiant to blend into them. As far as I can remember there was only one song that played in the background, it was a 20 second sound bite of generic midi style detective jazz that still haunts my dreams.

Overall this game plays like an 8-bit version of the more recent Grand Theft Auto games. Sure you COULD go around and try to advance the plot, but eventually you just end up walking from place to place and punching old ladies in the face.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 3

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