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Title: Mega Man 5 (3rd Review)
Rom Player: nester
Reviewer: Hannu Mškinen

Synopsis: After the extremely confusing happening in MM4 things seemed to be getting normal. Then one day Mega Man is summoned to the city when a robot assault takes place. He returns home and finds that his creator Dr. Light has disappeared. The only clue is a yellow bandanna which seems to indicate who is the person responcible. Proto Man.

The Game is in my view the best of the six NES-games when it comes to quality, though my personal favorite is MM2. The amount of gadgets and helpful gear in this game beats all the other NES-games and even the difficulty is quite steady though jumps a notch once you beat the Robot Masters.

Of all the NES Mega Man games this one definitely has the best graphics and game play. Though you can lose the charge of your super-shots this is a minor flaw that you'll learn to live with. The Mega Buster of MM5 is definite improvement from MM4 where it was effective but didn't always load properly and was way too thin to actually hit anything.

In the originality department the game doesn't offer much. Some new gadgets and Beat the Bird. There is some innotive (differring) game play in the stages of Gravity Man and Wave Man. Also Mega Man's first appearance in space.

The soundtrack is nice but not nearly as good as MM2.

MM5 is definitely worth getting if your looking for a grrrreat Mega Man game.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 10

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