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Title: Pocky & Rocky 2
Rom Player:
Reviewer: Angryhydralisk

Synopsis: The sequel to the first game was in some ways better and in some ways worse. New story, better cutscenes, and a new way to play the game in general! First off, I want to point out the cover. It's a lot different now! Pocky & Rocky look like they've lost their marbles and the ninja girl alongside them looks like a guy! The cheesy duo look pretty prepared to fight off millions of ghosts on the title screen but they look evil on the cover itself. Nice.

Anyways, the plot this time isn't too special. A princess is kidnapped by some demonic jackass named Dynagon because he wants to marry her and his minion Impy is kinda just there wanting to pound Pocky's skull in with his club. Again it's up to Pocky and Rocky to save her but this time they have new friends to join them on the journey!

The game this time is more of a one-player type deal but anothe can join in. Mainly you play as Pocky and following her is a helper character, controlled by the computer or player two. He/she mostly helps fight off enemies and when beaten too much, the helper falls down and cries like a pansy-ass, then temporarily leaves the screen. The helper can also fly in the air and headbutt Pocky to become one with her and do wierd new stuff.

Maybe the shrine girl hates this so she can THROW her friend into enemies and they blow up to form an equivalent of a bomb attack. That move alone is one of the most fun things to do and one of the most useful options in the whole game! Tossing your friends as a kamikaze bomb to stop evil. Can you go wrong with that!? Plus sometimes when you kill enemies a shapeshifting partner icon appears allowing you to switch them out.

As for the helpers themselves, here they are:

Rocky - One fo the three initial helpers. He really has no special abilities except throwing leaves and his bomb ability absolutely sucks. He can't really keep himself alive much less you either so let him sit out.

Little Ninja - A small female ninja who throws shurikens and uses a katana. When headbutting Pocky she can pick locks and saves the effort of lugging around keys (more explained later.). Her bomb move turns her into a giant flaming wall so she's great against bosses.

Bomber Bob - Big slow monk who throws bombs. When fused he can blow up rocks and his bomb move involves a giant fire kanji so he's useful too.

Tengy - Based on the bitch-hard enemy in the first Pocky & Rocky. He throws leaves too at a random rate and when fused he flies. Found in level two on the left (longer, more dangerous) route in a locked house blocked by rocks.

Scarecrow - A goofy hick-like scarecrow who tosses scythes like boomerangs and when fused he becomes a giant pogo-stick or something. Found in level three in a house on a corner.

Digger - Mole who throws pickaxes. Special ability is digging underground and finding items. Found in level six by taking a certain route.

Ottobot - Robot with missles. When fuses Pocky rides a mech and flies over things. Found in level 7 in a house.

Mad Dog - Only in level 5 when you ride him along a LOOOOOOOONG corridor.

Gordon the Dragon - Could a dragon have a much cheesier name than Gordon!? Anyways, you ride him all through level 8 and it's a bitch to dodge ANYTHING in that level.

As for the key thing the game is changed to more of an RPG-ish style. Yuo advance through the level getting gold and keys and find shops along the way with all sorts of items to help you, ranging from armor to stay alive to tips to even a grab bag holding stuff ranging from four extra lives to absolute shit. As for the bosses they range from a lunatic wanting to eat you to a giant killer DOOR.

As for graphics and sound they are improved. The songs are catchier and the environments looked nice. Gameplay is still the same frantic shoot-em'-up style fromt he first except it's much easier to get killed. I personally had fun playing this game at the time and still pick it up to play on occassion. Plus you can toss your friend to piss them off when they are doing something!

Best Cheats: Tips: I recommend playing the tutorial level regardless since it nets you a few keys and extra gold early in the game.

Make sure when you toss your partner, it hits the enemy! If your partner misses and goes off-screen or hits the wall then said partner automatically dies temporarily!

Items get more expensive in every level so watch your amount of gold!

If you want to skip to a particular level, here are some passwords:
Stage 2 - Do you really need a fucking password for this level!?
Stage 3 - V3BX
Stage 4 - F87N
Stage 5 - S2YP
Stage 6 - 6DZ4
Stage 7 - TR5C
Stage 8 - GZLR
Stage 9 - 5K0Q

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 7

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