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Title: Blazeon/ Blaze On
Rom Player: Zsnesw
Reviewer: Jared Bentley

Synopsis: Aahhhhh... This is one I grew up renting from my neighborhood's little video store. Now I have a love for the new games that Atlus has made. This was the game that started my love of giant robots and other such standard anime things similar to them.

The game itself isn't really all that good. It told no story, your little ship only had TWO weapons and could only withstand one hit, so that made the game a great deal more difficult than most would like. But the premise of the game wasn't that it was your dinky ship up against massive space-cruisers, giant bio-mechanical beings and enemy battle mechs... no wait it is. My mistake! But the "good" thing about your ship is that your secondary weapon is some sort of... disabler probe... which renders some enemies disabled (They turned deep blue) and you would overlap your ship with the disabled enemy, it would combined with the enemy. That is the best part of the game right there.

The levels tend to just meld into one another some times. The best way I could tell which stage I was in was after boss battles, and if music changed during a stage. After playing for a while, the stage music was rather... well you'd never notice some changes in the tune. BUT!!! I have to say, the best audio track is in the begginning of the game, you can tell what part it is from the background and first enemies. The background would be completely black, and the first enemies you encounter will be on the top and bottom of the screen. they will each have these weird looking shockwave rifles.

And overall, the game is more of a rental than a game worth owning, but nowadays, a game that under the radar would get you some excellent game exchange store credit. I know... I turned my copy in and it was listed as a "classic."

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 5

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