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Title: Breakthru
Author:Data East USA
Rom Player: FCE Ultra
Reviewer: Spiral Architect

Synopsis: The enemy has stolen your advanced fighter aircraft and have taken it to an airbase on their fortress island. It is up to you using your jumping armored assault vehicle to break thru enemy lines and to pilot the fighter back home.

This game is a continous scrolling shooter. Your vehicle can jump, and you will have to do this often to leap obstacles while fighting the enemy, or even to jump over the enemy themselves. There is only one known powerup in this game, which is the spread-shot. The Spreadshot has a shotl imit, so kick ass while you can, and don't waste it on foot soldiers. You can kill them just by running them over anyway.

Some levels include a destroyed bridge, the enemy capitol, and a heavily guarded airfield.

This game has some good graphics for an early NES game, and the sound is okay too. The controls could be better, but they're nothing to get pissed about.

The only complaint is how short the game is. Mearly 5 levels long. You can beat this game in a 15 minutes if you good.

Check it out, it's worth a shot.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8

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