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Title: Bart's Nightmare
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Arran J Middleton

Synopsis: Oh joy, another Simpsons game comes to us. But thankfully it's not a newer rip-off that has similar styles to another game but they stick Homer on the front cover. Nope, this game was back in the time were sometimes originality was not king...or even queen.

Bart's Nightmare begins with Bart having to complete his homework or else, suffer an F. Now while he is generally not giving a crap about this, somehow he is here (wow, out of character already in 7 seconds). He has managed to finish it and is sleeping soon after. Sadly, the fan in his room blows his work out of the window and he jumps after it, falling into his nightmares.

You gain control of him on an average Sprinfieldian street (god I hope I spelled that word right, if it even exists) and must traverse between many enemies, involving Jimbo's gang who drag you along, Skinner who slows you down, and a fairy lisa who turns you into a frog. Your health is indicated with Z's as to how much sleep you have before you wake up and have to give in your report.

You find paper flapping through thee street, which you must jump on to enter through two doors of different colours. They take you to a different level where if you complete it, you get one sheet of homework back. Some levels include the Simpson House with Itchy and Scratchy Mayhem; Bart-Zilla rampaging through the city then climbing a tower; An Indy Jones temple where Maggie is idolised; Super-Bart in Springfield Skies, and others.

The graphics are worthy of Matt Groening, feeling much like the show were it not for the slightly lame music, and overall frustrating gameplay of enemies giving you a painful nightmare. Even after all this, you get some crappy grade in the end.
As for this game, It gets a D from me.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 6

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