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Title: Final Fantasy 3
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: pigvomit DOT org

Synopsis: Behold the greatest game for the SNES, and one of the greatest ever! Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japan) revolutionized the RPG gaming network and got me addicted instantly. There is no true "main character," but the game starts off with a magical girl named Tera, being mind-controlled by the empire. As you travel throughout the world you get numerous characters to join you in your effort to destroy the empire. The magic in this game is intense, with one of the greatest story lines video games hae ever known. The music kicks ass, especially in the final battle (which is huge!). If you have never played this game it is a MUST! You will NOT be disappointed!

Best Cheats: RPG's don't really have cheats, but there are usually crap-loads of secrets (especially in this one). There are way too many to list them all, but here's a good one: At the end of the huge battle on the floating isle (about halfway through the game), while you're rushing back to your ship with only a certain amount of time to do so, get to the spot to leave and WAIT! When it asks to jump or not, say no. Keep waiting, and right before time runs out Shadow will make it back. Then, in the dark world, where you would normally see the painter-girl in the cave, it's shadow instead. If you do not do this Shadow will die and you can't use him later on!

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 9


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