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Title: Tecmo Super Bowl
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Jeff Society

Synopsis: If I ever wanted to play a game that defined how every single sports game ever made would be Tecmo Superbowl for NES. Why? Because the game was built on fucking gameplay. I donít care if I can see a receiverís eyes widen before he gets the ball. I donít care if there is no commentary. I donít care if the rosters are a bit old. I care if I want to play the game a day later. This is where TSB makes it mark.

Gameplay Ė By far and away the greatest aspect of this game. I have probably beaten it with every single team in the game, and I keep on coming back for more. What is even better is that if you had enough friends, one person could be each team. This makes it a party game for the masses. Fuck Bombermanís ten-player ability, I want 28 of my friends to play. Also, who can beat leading the league in rushing with Mosi Tutapo.

Graphics - In the NES heyday, these were top notch. Nowadays, they arenít the best. There is some graphical flashing in some parts, but none to actually effect gameplay. Over all though, the graphics are solid with some very cool cut scenes.

Music Ė Very good. I can still hum all the tunes in the game. Even when you made the playoffs, you got special music. The sounds are good, with some above average voice samples. In fact, the voice is better than most SNES or Genesis games.

Originality Ė I mean come on, it is a football game, so it canít be that original by nature alone. It was the first major football game to have full rosters, full seasons, a special half time show, and pro bowl teams. I think that is more than enough for any football game.

Overall Rating Ė The best football game ever. Move over Madden, cause you ainít got shit on this game. My friends and I still play seasons on this, even though the battery in my game has been dead for years. Thank god for emulation. If you want a game to play for NES that is on par with games of today, donít play games like Zelda and Mario 3, play some TSB.

Best Cheats: Take the nose tackle and dive at the Quaterback to get easy sacks. Also, run up and down alot with the ball carrier for mondo as yards.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10

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