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Title: Spiderman X-Men: Arcade's Revenge
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Well, this is surely a different super hero game. Most of them have some sort of fighting involved. Not this one. This little gem requires nothing but skill. First you have to beat the opening level with Spiderman, which requires you to collect 19 cameras. 19? Man, Spidey must like collecting cameras. After that you have the choice of choosing Spiderman again, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, or Gambit. Each character has two levels. Cyclops has three. The levels make you think a lot, so itís not really geared toward younger audiences. It didnít take me long to get past all the levels but one particular level still haunts me at night even after I beat it: Wolverine Stage 2. I shudder just mentioning the name. Youíre in a circus with clowns throwing pies and bombs at you. Sound easy? Wrong. You can't kill any of them because theyíre all up to high for you reach and shove your claws down their throat. And to make matters worse, you have Juggernaut chasing you, trying to stomp you in the ground. So you naturally start to run. But whats this? There's a wall in your path? Well just pop out your claws and slice the wall to shreds. But oh, no! While you were busy with the stinken wall, Juggernaut was still behind you. He then runs up and kills you before you even got through the wall. Arrgghh! I saved this level for last and I used up 8 lives trying to win. I still beat it but not without a great deal of aggravation. Game Play, Graphics, and the Originality all stink, but the music is a totally different story. Gambits theme is I think the coolest video game music EVER. So get this game and just beat the opening level. Then, listen to Gambits awesome theme. But if youíre deaf, then stay FAR away from this impossibly hard LJN created game.

Best Cheats: Cheats would be nice but there are none. Just these two tips:

1# To defeat Juggernaut, you have to slice down all the weights hanging from the ceiling and make them fall ON him. Not in front of him. Do this while repeatedly slashing at him will kill him.

#2 Max up your lives in the Gambit Stage of this tough game. In Spider-Man/X-Men you snag an extra life each time you grab 100 Stars. The easiest way to build up Stars in the Gambit Stage is to proceed through the stage until you reach the fourth Green Globe and leap over it, right off the screen.

Try to land in the same spot that you jumped from, without touching the Globe. If you manage to land in the correct spot, you'll get a ton of Stars. Quickly repeat this procedure over and over, and you should be able to build up about ten lives before you're nailed by the giant wheel. If you repeat the entire procedure again and again, you can build up 99 lives.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 5

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