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Title: Primal Rage (2nd Review)
Author:Time Warner
Rom Player: Genecyst
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: The first time I discovered Primal Rage was at a Chuckie Cheese type place in my town. The place was named Scooters. And let me tell you something, that place absolutely ROCKED. It had every thing a preteen needed! All sorts of cool looking beverages, amazing tasting french fries that tasted like they were literally dunked in grease. And the sad thing was that the guy who owned the place didn't pay his bills so, the place closed. Anyways back to the review. I remember the crowd watching two guys playing Primal Rage on a huge screen. It was spectacular and if there was something that impressed me at this place, it is surely this game. However, despite all the excitement I had admiring the wonderful graphics, I was a bit disappointed that it was only available in the arcade form and not for my Genesis. Then, when I heard that Time Warner Interactive was going to convert it for over 10 different platforms, I thought I was dreaming. Primal Rage was on its way to the Genesis and I to Heaven on earth! After what seemed like centuries of waiting, the Genesis version of Primal Rage finally hit the stores.

Story: 6
The action of Primal Rage takes place in a shattered world caused by the collision between a gigantic asteroid and Earth. This catastrophe left only few survivors and released seven dinosaur-like giants from the bowels of the Earth where they were trapped for years in suspended life. The world is now divided in seven large territories and your goal is to conquer all the territories to gain world domination through bloody battles and raging fights.

Moves in this game are not done Street Fighter style. For instance, when you shoot a fireball in SF you press Down, Down Towards, Towards + any Punch, right? Well in PR you don’t do it like that. To shoot Chaos’s projectile named the Slow Power Puke you press and hold Y+A, then move the game pad Up and then towards. Once you get the hang of it it’s not really hard to do. Primal Rage also has an option to turn off gory scenes for people who feel sick when they see a drop of blood. It also features 16 levels of difficulty.

As in the Mortal Kombat games, Primal Rage features digitized graphics for the characters that were taken from hand-painted latex puppets with real hair and fur for an amazing visual effect. It is also the first time that a video game uses true stop-motion animation, and this combined to the quality of the graphics makes Primal Rage simply unique. As each of the puppets were built from a steel skeleton with joints allowing hundreds of different positions to be filmed, the number of actions is amazing. There are over 70 actions per character, including fighting moves, special moves, fatalities, combos and ready poses. The graphics look very much alike the original arcade version, as are the sounds.

Sound / Music: 5
The music is the games only weak point. All of the songs drive me INSANE, but the worst one is Talons theme. I’d rather be deaf then listen to that. I suggest going into the options menu and shutting it off. Then play some P.O.D. or something. The sound effects are good. Most of them are splash sounds because of all the blood that falls. It does sound kinda weird when your monster throws a punch or kick without landing it though. Like an odd ‘whipping’ sound.

Overall:9 Try finding this game at Funcoland or a pawn shop. The ROM doesn’t always work correctly. If you like bloody games than this one’s for you!

I also highly recommend searching for the Playmates series of action figures that were made in ’94. I use to have the whole set and I must say the detail on these figures was superb! Some of the best dinosaur toys ever made.

This game reigns as my second favorite 1 on 1 fighter for Genesis!

Best Cheats: Debug Menu At the Option Screen enter the following code....

Left - Up - Right - Right - Up - Left - Right - Right - Left - Left - Up

Then a new menu should appear that allows you change some major things in the game

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9


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